Time to enjoy being with my family

I decided I must start to structure my days more now I am retired after I relaxed on Monday, starting my preparations for a service at the end of the month and just catching up with emails; I was mostly just enjoying being with my beloved. On Tuesday I began to tidy and clean the kitchen floor and in my enthusiasm, missed an appointment in town, but fortunately I was able to go half an hour later! Yesterday I decided to defrost the fridge/freezer in the front room and it is now working much more efficiently. I was pleased to have done it at last! Our gardener Martyn came over too on Wednesday and pruned the apple trees and was not hampered by the slight covering of snow which had fallen that day. He was glad that the sun was shining even though it was still very cold.

Although the wind is not as severe as last week it is still more windy than usual and it is raining most evenings after the small covering of snow. This morning I got up in good time to go shopping so I could be back before Beth came over to spend some time with me. It was much quicker shopping earlier this morning as there were plenty of parking spaces and not many people in Waitrose. Beth and I enjoyed a drink and a chat at Café Culture. It is always good to spend time with her. She is looking forward to having a week’s holiday next week; she needs a break as she has not had more than an odd day off since November. They are always very busy at work.

I enjoy relaxing with my beloved enjoying evening television and at the moment we are gripped by the latest series of Father Brown mysteries. We just love that he is always on the spot getting in the detective’s hair! He is brilliant.
Tomorrow I will be back helping with the computer at the Acorn Centre. It will be good to catch up with my friends again.

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