Winter is making its impact this January

It was icy on Sunday so that I found it difficult to get my car out; I had to reverse to be able to get
a grip. I went to pick up my friend from church but as an elderly woman she felt it was too risky to come out and I did not blame her as the pavements were so icy especially where she lived and her road was icy. Then in the next few days the snow and ice melted until this morning when once again the snow has fallen, but this time it was deeper but slushier on the local road and the main roads were still clear despite snow fall during the day. It is a good thing that Martyn was not coming to do the apple trees this week. Last Wednesday it was only a slight snow fall so he could do the pruning. Wednesdays always seem to bring a worsening in the weather, especially as that is always the day Martyn comes to do the gardening! I am hoping that this weather will not prevent me from going to see my niece and her children with Beth tomorrow over near Preston. There is also an increase in more winter like weather this year. The garden looks picturesque as it has a good covering of snow and my beloved has taken a few photos.

It makes it so cosy keeping warm by the fire with my beloved enjoying the television programs especially with our new Now box which makes it easy for us to catch up with any programs we have missed.

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