Relaxing with my beloved

On Saturday January 31st I met Beth for a drink at Café Culture. It was lovely to enjoy a chat with her. I enjoyed a relaxing week with my beloved enjoying Father Brown on television and the new series of Midsommer Murders a great treat. It was an intriguing couple of episodes of Silent witness. We are both addicted to the police series on BBC 4 of Spiral. It shows the reality of the frustrations of setbacks in police work. Silent Witness seems to show how much more involved the pathologists seem to be in the police work than I believe is normal. Some of the cases are quite interesting and I always like to watch the denouement. Broadchurch is a fascinating series although it seems to go to extremes and everything seems to be against the perpetrator being brought to justice.

However it is a must to watch to see how it will work out. We also love the animal programs which the BBC is so good at producing. We loved ‘Pets Wild at heart’, especially enjoying the night wandering of the hamster, and we are enjoying the series ‘Animals in love.’ ‘Birds of Paradise’ was interesting in its history.

‘Last Tango in Halifax’ was another gripping series which seemed to come to a kind of conclusion, although it seemed dreadful that Caroline’s marriage should come to an abrupt end. The arrival of Gary on the scene seems to have added to the annoying twists in the series. We are enjoying our fix of ‘Call the Midwife.’ We have also been enjoying using the NOW box to watch a few films whilst our offer continues.

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