Family time is always precious

On Tuesday I went to the New Wine Group and as previously I found the time there very beneficial. The time of worship and prayer was uplifting and we prayed for a lady in need and a couple who were called to a prayer ministry. Then we were divided into six groups, 3 in each group and we separated into our groups to choose a question pertinent to us and decided what we were might do before the next meeting to make progress in our faith journey. I felt that I found it difficult to pray on my own and I pledged that I would join a regular prayer group as group worship helps me to pray. The next morning I went to the early morning prayer group at St Mark’s Church and found that its discipline helped me focus better on prayer. I shall try to go at least once a week to the group, which meets every week day morning.

Cathy came round just before eleven and we went and enjoyed a couple of cakes and drinks at Café Culture, which was relaxing and enjoyable. We then went down to collect a portion of prawn cocktail to take to Ken’s father in respite care, whilst his wife had a hip replacement operation. We were trying to tempt him to eat as now he is older his appetite is poor. He was really pleased to see us. Then Cathy and I returned to our house where my beloved prepared delicious salmon pasta. It was good to spend time with her.
On Thursday morning I met with Beth and enjoyed the time I spent with her. We enjoyed our usual infusions at the Filmore and Union restaurant and bought some cakes to take out. The cakes are always delicious and it is especially good for Beth as she gets a lot of choice of gluten free cakes and the cakes are just as delicious for us too. I then did the shopping at Waitrose with Beth.

My beloved and I enjoyed sharing our television viewing, the crime stories and films on Sky Movies. We love to share time together. Our favourite crime program is at the moment Father Brown but soon we shall have seen all three series. I am so fortunate to have such a loving family.

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