An eventful week

On Wednesday I led worship at Berwick Grange Methodist at 11am. I decided to repeat the temptations of Jesus for the service as many of the old people have severe dementia. We started by singing ‘Come let us all unite and sing’ with the repetitive words ‘God is love’ to help them hear and maybe understand those words even if the tune had been forgotten. I then led the opening prayers before I read the verses from Matthew 4v1-11. We sang ‘Forty days and Forty nights’ before I acted out the temptations, trying to bring the ideas alive to the people. When I rubbed my tummy and said Jesus felt very hungry and would have been tempted to turn stones into bread and one lady suddenly stood up and said ‘I want some bread!’ and was escorted out. That part obviously got through and we never know how much those who can no longer communicate with us do understand. Worship concluded when we sang, ‘He’s got the whole world in his hand’ and more joined in singing it even doing some of the actions. I always go and touch them and say God bless you, even if they have slept through the service. As I walked home I found myself singing, ‘He’s got the whole world in his hand.’

Beth and I met and went to Café Culture for a drink and a cake. It was good to see her. That evening I met Hilary for a meal out and we eventually found a place to eat pasta, where we could have a good chat. It is a pity that there is no longer a Pizza Hut here. We had tried Pizza Express but it was so noisy we could not hear ourselves think never mind each other’s words! We had a lovely chat at a different restaurant.

On Thursday evening we had the Local Preachers’ meeting and we were given some pointers from the Chaplain to Berwick Grange on how to do worship for people with dementia, which was very helpful.

On Friday I found out it was the last computer class until May to my surprise. It has been good to see some of the group gaining in confidence with their computer skills. It is so hard nowadays for people with mental health problems to get confident enough to cope and learning computer skills can help them to feel more confident.

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