A visit and family time

I went to visit my brother David in Newcastle for a night. My beloved found it difficult to let me go as he was still under par after his tooth infection. He realised I would be back soon so he would cope; however his bank ringing and leaving an automated message did not help him either. He was given an 0845 number to contact his bank card services which he could not hear properly, so he had to find another number to get through to someone. This was early before 9 am, a time when my beloved is never usually awake and definitely not alert. When he finally got through to the bank he was told that the bank thought his card could have been used fraudulently that morning. Apparently the card had been used to pay for gambling a few hundred pounds that morning and there had also been a separate transaction for 20p, both which my beloved denied doing; after all he was asleep before the phone woke him and he had not even heard of either company the card had been used to pay; and after 45 minutes on the phone, repeating the facts that he had not made either transaction nor had he heard of the companies again and again, I had to take over the conversation! I confirmed that my beloved had repeated several times that he had not used his card that morning and had not heard of the companies which he had supposedly paid. He told them he did not want a new card, but cancelled it altogether. However we will have to wait for at least 2 weeks before a letter arrives from the bank, which he has to sign to say the transactions were fraudulent, so that they will believe him!! As you can imagine it took a while for my beloved to calm down after that stressful start to the day, but in the end I was able to go to stay with David.

I arrived at lunchtime at David’s home after excellent instructions from my Sat Nav and rang my beloved to say I had arrived safely. It was lovely to spend time chatting with him. We even said evensong together which I found moving; we even sang ‘For the beauty of the earth’. After a tasty goulash evening meal David and I went by Metro to the Northern Stage, Newcastle. David finds the metro an excellent way of transport for a reasonable annual fee. It was very convenient for us to travel into Newcastle by the Metro. We saw an incredible modern ballet by the Dutch Group, Ultima Vez – Wim Vandekeybus. The production David and I saw was called ‘What the Body does not remember.’ It was a full on energetic experience. I loved the ballet, especially the lady who as it were controlled the movements of 2 male dancers, as if they were puppets. There was a clever scene where the dancers used bricks as stepping stones, and threw them across the stage and they were always caught; it was very fast moving and clever. I loved a scene too where one dancer was experimenting with placing a chair in different positions, and there were also photo type tableaus. I also enjoyed a scene with towels, which were folded or used to put up hair, and as they walked across the stage, another dancer pulled the towel away; finally one dancer was weighed down by several towels, which he took to hang up. It was an extravaganza of dance and fun. I was very grateful to David for treating me to the show.

On Monday I saw the doctor and she suggested that I keep on with the present medication for a review later and I went to the Lenten Study group after lunch. On Wednesday on my return from David’s Cathy came to see me and it was lovely to spend time with her and be back home with my beloved. It was good to see Beth later in the week. I am very fortunate to have a lovely family.

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