A busy week with family

I met my sister Janet and Graham for lunch on Monday March 23rd and we had a relaxing time together. It was good to hear their news and to see how well Janet is walking after her knee replacement; she is even back playing golf again! We had the last meeting of the Lent course on Monday and as always we had an interesting stimulating discussion about the puzzled reactions after the empty tomb had been discovered; the up and down feelings of the women, who found the empty tomb and Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus as they hardly dared believe Jesus had risen. It made us think of how we might have reacted to that unbelievable news.

On Tuesday evening I had a Labour party meeting, where we were finalising the details about the number of nominees we needed to support our candidacy for the local elections on May 7th. That is the hardest part but I managed to complete the ten signatures I needed by Monday 30th. Martyn our gardener did a good job of tidying up our garden on Wednesday. I also spent some quality time with Cathy; I miss her now she is back working. On Thursday I enjoyed the treat of having a pedicure and manicure; it always me feel pampered and helps me relax. I then had a meeting of the Fairtrade Group in the evening when we were discussing which days we could help on a stall and discussed the success of our coffee morning and the drawing competitors from local schools. Our local MP presented the prizes to the successful children. We had had a lovely display in the church which promoted Fairtrade beautifully for the Fairtrade fortnight at the end of February and the beginning of March.

On Friday our local Toyota branch collected my car for its annual service and MOT and thankfully I only needed a new windscreen wiper, otherwise I paid nothing. I pay a regular direct debit for my servicing which means I don’t have to pay a lump sum at this time of year; I already have to pay my car insurance in a lump sum. It helps spread out my payments. The car is always returned me cleaned inside and out.
It was also a lovely surprise to have Cathy come over so we could enjoy a drink and a slice of cake between us on Friday morning at Cafe Culture. I also enjoyed relaxing with my beloved watching television and films and just spending time together. I am so fortunate to have such a lovely family and interesting groups I am a part of. I loved my busy week.

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