Holy Week a time of Remembrance

I had a busy week baking caramel shortbread on Monday, and a gluten free apple fruit cake and an ordinary apple fruit cake for a coffee morning in aid of Nigerian Healthcare on behalf of the Methodist Guild. On Saturday nearly £500 pounds was raised for the cause. On Wednesday I enjoyed a relaxing day with my beloved and it was good to meet Beth for a drink and a chat at teatime.

On Good Friday I walked down to Wesley Chapel for the Good Friday meditation service on the theme that Jesus had compassion, loved and cared for the outsider. The final candle was extinguished for the darkness, and pain of all the children in the world who suffer in body, in mind or in spirit. We said the prayer, ‘What we contemplate this day is beyond words, beyond understanding. May the Holy Spirit intercede for us and give voice to what, for us, is inexpressible. Amen. Our minister Christine gave a short talk on not judging others, yet courts have to administer justice but only God has the final judgement. We sang ‘My Song is love unknown’ before we heard the reading from John’s gospel describing Mary, Lazarus’s sister, anointing Jesus with expensive perfume in preparation for burial. Christine our worship leader read a reflection from Mary’s point of view. Judas criticised her action as the perfume could have been sold for 300 denarii and the money given to the poor; to him it was a waste. We sang ‘There is a green hill far away.’ Trevor our minister gave a reflection from the point of view of Judas. We then heard John’s version of Jesus before Pilate and the mocking of him as a king with a crown of thorns. His death on the cross when he said he was thirsty and was offered a sponge with vinegar and then he said, ‘It is finished.’ We sang ‘Jesus in the olive grove’, ‘O the bitter shame and sorrow’ between the different excerpts from John’s gospel. Our time of worship and remembrance concluded with ‘Come and see, come and see.’
I found the worship time very moving.

The weather has been and is so lovely and sunny and warm; it does make us feel great to see the sun again for more than just an odd moment but days! We were blessed by a three part episode of John’s gospel on BBC 2 over 3 days; it helped bring the gospel according to John to life for us. We also enjoyed two episodes led by David Suchet in the footsteps of Peter. We have such wonderful series on the BBC if anything under-advertised. We only heard of the NIV version of John’s gospel, via Twitter or we could have missed such a good portrayal. The BBC is an asset to us. We are also disappointed that we have not had much coverage of the Voice results; this year had such a high standard of singers. Stevie was a worthy winner, although we thought that Sacha had the greatest talent. We have now got last year’s winner first album and we are thrilled by the album; Jermaine Jackson is very talented and we love the fact that he has co written most of the tracks on the album. His album should be more promoted on the BBC. We always promote the X-Factor winners or runners up and need to promote the excellent Voice as much.

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