Family Time

On Easter Day Beth joined us for lunch. She was rather exhausted having had a day off yet got up for the dawn service to celebrate Easter as well as the 10 am service. It would have been more sensible to lie in as her job as a baker means normally having to be up in the early hours of the morning. We all enjoyed a relaxing day together, loving Beth’s singing lamb entertaining us with ‘Mary had a little lamb’.

My beloved had a dental appointment on Thursday and was fortunate not to need any treatment. My beloved and I enjoyed relaxing and watching films on our television as well as some excellent programs. We loved Vera, the conclusion of DCI Banks, and other crime series. We have found the series ‘Ordinary Lies’ fascinating and felt the pain of those involved. We shall miss it when it finishes soon. Life together is special. I am fortunate with my family and home. Better weather until last Friday has enhanced our days, as I managed to tidy both our sheds and my beloved did some necessary jobs in the garden. The sun made us feel good.

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