A busy week

After the service at Woodlands on Sunday April 19th I went to Wesley Chapel, where a light lunch was provided before we had the annual church meeting. We had the results of a questionnaire some of our congregation had filled in about the future of our chapel; Rev Piers Lane, the Learning and Development Officer for Discipleship Development, from the Methodist Church facilitated the discussions arising from the questionnaire. It was interesting to discuss the summary of replies and is something I will look at again. I hope some concrete decisions will be made later. I was glad to get home by 3pm and felt rather shattered the next day.

On Monday I popped over to see Beth as she had had a 24 hour sickness and diarrhoea bug so could not go into work that day. I kept my distance but it was good to see her. On Wednesday our gardener came and tackled a bush which had grown enormously over the time I have lived in the house. He filled a bin and an extra bag of garden waste too, which I subsequently took down to the tip to empty. We are prone to very strong winds just round the side of our house and once again the fence between our house and next door had nearly collapsed; two fence panes had also been knocked down. Our neighbour asked if it would be alright to cut the thick ivy on his side of the fence in preparation for the fence to be repaired; I leant them my loppers as the wind was getting stronger again. When the person came to replace the fence panels he cut the ivy further back so that it collapsed on our side. Having emptied the garden bag on Friday I began to cut the collapsed ivy into smaller sections and filled the garden bag again!! I also tackled the abundant dandelions in the front gravel. Fortunately Beth dropped in today to see us briefly on her way back from having her car serviced in Leeds with boots she had got for me and offered to take the garden waste for me. I am glad just to relax today with my beloved listening to the radio. I have enjoyed sharing some good and funny television programs. Friday night is great now with the joy of ‘Goggle Box’ and ‘Have I got news for you.’ It makes me feel so much better to laugh out loud. Paul Merton is a scream and never fails to make me laugh with his quick wit and wonderful facial expressions. Watching party political broadcasts become much more interesting with the responses of the ‘Goggle Box’ spectators. In fact every program even those we have not seen become much more amusing with the spectators comments.

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