Family time is special

On Wednesday 29th April Cathy came to see us. It was lovely to spend most of the day with her on that day. We enjoyed a drink and scone at Café Culture before bless her she came to help me sort out some of the things in the loft; a few boxes and rubbish were soon in my car to take to the tip the next day and a bin bag full of goods taken to the charity shop that day. We then relaxed with my beloved and watched a very moving film called ‘You’re not you’ about a talented pianist who was happily married and at 35 developed motor neurone disease. It was a fascinating study of relationships and the development of a great friendship with a young woman who came to be a carer for her; she was useless at the beginning but the pianist found something she liked about her and patiently taught her how to care properly for her. It was wonderful seeing how the initially useless carer, lacking confidence in herself in all ways matured into a beautiful accomplished woman as she grew in confidence with the lady she learnt to care for. We all had to wipe our eyes at the end of the uplifting and sad film.

Beth came over to see after Cathy went and we enjoyed a drink and cake and chat in the local M&S Café. I am so fortunate to have such lovely daughters to spend time with and a lovely husband to relax with and enjoy films together.

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