An eventful week with friends and family

After I led worship on May 17th I took my things home and then went to meet members of our church who belong to the Guild at a local hotel, Ascot House for the Guild Anniversary meal. It was enjoyable to have a meal with friends in a pleasant atmosphere. We met next to the bar and were told to go through, when our meal was ready. Lynn who is the chair of the Guild had prepared labels for each of us with our chosen meals on. Some of us had a 2 course meal whilst others like me had 3 courses. Tim a trainee Methodist minister was home for the weekend and led the grace before we began our meal. We had warm rolls with butter, and a choice of starters; I chose melon with ginger, which I always love. For my main course I had chicken and vegetables which I enjoyed and for my sweet I had delicious crumble with custard and we completed our meal with tea or coffee and mints. Some people had wine to drink, but as I was driving I just had lime and lemonade and water. I enjoyed chatting with my friends and when I returned home I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved.

On Tuesday evening Chris Hall came to find out the details of the extension I am hoping to have built at the back. Now having had 3 people come to assess the property I am still waiting for a quotation of what it might cost. I want to make sure we can afford it before I apply for planning permission.

On Wednesday Martyn came to spend 4 hours tidying up our garden. Everything in the garden seems to growing abundantly especially the dandelions and grasses which seem to have invaded flower beds, alongside the endless battle with ground elder. Even the bushes seem fuller this year. I am also doing odd bits of weeding in the front garden and in the back but it seems like I am losing the battle with dandelions.

I met Cathy at her flat and we walked together into town to have a drink and cake at Betty’s Café. We were celebrating our birthdays together, as Cathy had been away for my birthday; we had difficulty deciding which cakes to have; I fancied a Betty’s special of a vanilla slice and Cathy wanted a fat rascal, a large fruit flat cake so we decided to share each cake. They were delicious; the fat rascal was still warm and Cathy managed to cut the vanilla slice beautifully in half so we both had treats. It was fun. Cathy came to help me choose my new glasses as my prescription had changed. Beth had helped me choose my previous glasses 2 years ago. Before Malcolm was ill, he used to help me choose clothes and my glasses. I now rely on my ever helpful daughters to advise me. Cathy helped me choose a top from Next as I had been given a voucher for my birthday. We returned home pleased with our time together in town and relaxed with my beloved.

At teatime Beth popped in to see us. Her hours were of mixed length as she is training as an apprentice administrator in the NHS. It was good to get an update on her progress. She was looking forward to having a 3 day weekend, something unheard of in the bakery at Sainsbury’s, unless she had booked a holiday. She would need the long weekend as she has a lot to absorb in her studies to be an apprentice. In the evening I had a meeting with the Fairtrade Group, when we thanked one of the founder members for his services to the group Malcolm for all his work and presented him with a small thank you gift.

I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved in the evenings. It was good to be helping the students at the Acorn Centre with the computer. I enjoyed just spending time with my beloved over the weekend too.

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