A week of contrasts

I pottered around in the garden tackling some of the grass and other plants which had planted themselves in our main rockery; Japanese Anemone are prolific in our centre bed and are spreading; we are trying to thin them out so that they don’t smother our heathers and lavender. I enjoy tackling some areas of the garden but we would never cope without the time Martyn our gardener spends with us every other week. He came on Wednesday and tackled some rampant growth of ground elder, and crane’s bill which threatens to take over the whole garden. Martyn always makes light work of the bulk of the tidying up in the garden.

On Wednesday evening I met up with Hilary and we decided to share a pizza at Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant followed by a shared cheesecake. We enjoyed them both. I think the waiter was amused that we shared the pizza between us and then shared on cheesecake and regarded us as a couple of eccentric old ladies!! Hilary has a small appetite so we prefer to share; our time together is a time to relax and chat, whilst the meal is an added extra. I have known her now nearly 36 years, when her youngest boy was 10 months and trotting everywhere, whereas my more sedate Beth also 10 months preferred to sit and watch the world go by. My brother in law Dave used to describe her as sitting like a Buddha in the middle of the floor.

Beth popped in to see us on her way home from work on Thursday teatime and we had a chat and a cup of tea before I took her home with her folding bike. She looks so much more relaxed now she has started her new job training as an administrator in the NHS. It is good that she has weekends off so she can always get to church. Later that evening Cathy surprised me by ringing me to tell me that Ken’s father Eric had died that morning. He had had a good long life and was almost 93, but it is still a shock even if you are expecting it. I remember how I wept when I heard my father had died at the age of 93, even though I knew he was ready to go! Having not cried at any funeral including my late first husband, I could not stop crying at my eldest sister Margaret’s funeral, even though like my father she was ready to go. I felt so bereft and almost surprised at my sense of loss. I feel so much for Ken and his mum Margaret as they come to terms with his loss.

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2 Responses to A week of contrasts

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    ground elder – yes, a big problem. I find constant hoeing keeps it just about at bay.

  2. helenbeech says:

    That and the prolific dandelions are our constant most persistent problems!

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