Family and Friends

On Wednesday 17th I met Cathy at Café Culture and she treated me to half a scone and a drink. We shared a scone as we had not long before had our breakfast. It was lovely to have a chat; we are never short of things to say! Then we returned home to see my beloved and got him a drink before Cathy having already had a workout at the gym accompanied me up to the loft to do some more sorting. I had no idea I had so much stuff in the loft. The car was soon filled up with non-recycling and a lot of boxes for me to take to the tip the following day for recycling. We had made progress with Cathy going up and down the steps, giving her further exercise. It was a productive morning. We relaxed with my beloved that afternoon.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre again and it was good to see those students who were able to come. On Saturday afternoon I helped Liz run the Fair-trade Stall at our local Oatlands Gala. I wondered if it would go ahead as rain was forecast and there were a large number of dark clouds looming. As it had been dry for a while the rain did not really put a damper too much on the proceedings. Liz had already got the canopy up for the stall and I helped set up the table for the Fair-trade goods and for the game. Liz set up the game and we had a few children who seemed to be very good at finding the countries where the Fair-trade products came from. We even managed to sell a few Fair-trade goods for the main Fair-trade shop. It was cold and wet at the start of the Gala but fortunately the pouring rain did not last long and the sun came out in the last hour, so races could be organised for the different age groups. There was also a parents’ race and a tug of war between men and women too. It seemed to be a good day so I hope a lot of money was raised for our Community Centre. I was glad just to relax and rest in the evening with my beloved.

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