A week with family and friends

Beth joined us for Sunday lunch to help my beloved celebrate Father’s day by bringing a lovely bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Cathy had given my beloved wine vouchers for his birthday and Father’s day but still popped in to see him for a while too on Sunday.

On Tuesday 23rd June Christine, my former colleague at work came to see
me after having a hospital appointment at Harrogate District Hospital. It was good to catch up with her news. We went along to Café Culture for a drink and a long chat. It is always good to see her. I was glad she looked better than the last time I had seen her. In the evening I went to a special Labour Party meeting when we had a speaker telling us about his visit to Israel earlier this year. It was a very interesting talk.

On Wednesday morning I met Cathy at Café Culture after she had had a particularly tough workout at the gym. We enjoyed a drink and scone and a chat of course. When we returned home we gave my beloved a drink, before, bless her, Cathy came up to help me clear more boxes out of the loft and also any surplus goods to the charity shop or the tip! She has an amazing gift of sorting and reorganising. It would never get done if I were on my own. Cathy did all the going up and down the steps and carrying everything downstairs. I began to load the car and Cathy helped me. Soon the car was full. Later on we were chatting and Cathy said that Joseph could help load some extra boxes Cathy had at the flat. Suddenly I realised that as the car was already full, where would Joseph and Cathy sit; we were picking him up from school!! Cathy bless her went straight out and reorganised the car so there was a space for her and Joseph to sit! She just had to have a box on her knee when Joseph was picked up. With Cathy’s expertise after I dropped Cathy and Joseph off at her flat, we had soon added all the boxes to my car ready to take to the tip the next day.

At teatime I had an appointment at the doctor’s and she confirmed that my problem was ‘Greater Trochanteric pain syndrome’, as the previous doctor had told me. I have made an appointment for an injection in my hip, as it is really affecting my walking. I just walk short distances as it soon becomes painful, when I had hoped to be able to go on long walks in my retirement. The cramp I was getting in my shins was a separate problem, which could be helped if I had tonic water with quinine in it. I have begun the regime of drinking tonic water each day to see if it helps the calf pain. Fortunately I found out my circulation was very good and my hip movement was otherwise very good.

On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre helping students with the computer and on the way back home, I popped in to see Cathy as I walk past her flat. When I got there Ken’s Mum was there chatting with Cathy and measuring up the window in Cathy and Ken’s bedroom window for new curtains. It was interesting to learn more about Eric, her late husband, as Margaret told me a few stories. I felt I knew Eric even better after the chat. My leg had been getting more painful as I walked, so I was glad, when Margaret kindly offered me a lift back home. I relaxed with my beloved later that afternoon and evening.

I relaxed on Saturday morning before going to Skin Sanctuary for my special treat given me by my generous daughters, Beth and Cathy for my birthday. I had a pedicure and manicure which is perfect for this very hot weather. I am living in sandals at the moment. That evening Beth picked me up to take me to Christ Church, her treat to me, for a concert by the Harrogate Phoenix Players. The audience was set out on tables like a cabaret. Beth bought me a glass of wine and she had brought a number of nibbles and cake for us as well as fruit juice. It made it special. The concert was ‘West End Nights’; a celebration of musicals through the decades from 1910s till the 2010s. Since being married to my beloved I recognised most of the selected works. I particularly enjoyed ‘What do you want to make those eyes at me for?’ from ‘Irene’; ‘Can’t help lovin’ Dat man’ from ‘Showboat’; Blow Gabriel blow; from ‘Anything Goes’; ‘You’ll never walk alone’ from Carousel; ‘I feel pretty’, from West Side Story; ‘Sit down you’re rocking the boat,’ from Guys and Dolls; Big Spender from Sweet Charity; ‘Day by day’ from Godspell; ‘Raining in my heart’ from the Buddy Holly Story; ‘I won’t send roses from ‘Mack and Mabel’ and ‘The Letter’ from Billy Elliot. It was a very enjoyable evening. I was pleased to meet Matthew, Beth’s vicar and his wife, who both seemed very friendly and welcoming. They had thought I was Beth’s Mum! It was a very busy and enjoyable week.

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