An interesting week

On Tuesday morning July 7th I helped Rosemary Green from Church to do the coffee morning. I was surprised to see how many came to the chapel. They were entertained by our organist Graham Bunting as they had their drinks. It is an opportunity for friends to meet and chat or others to have a quiet drink. It was busy so I learnt how to use the dishwasher and where to find things. Rosemary knew a lot of the clientele and welcomed them with their usual orders of coffee or tea and biscuits.
That evening I went to the Fair-trade group meeting to prepare for our school work to promote Fair-trade. We brought our different pieces of research for use with children. I had bought a couple of Fair-trade footballs for a game and we had found out about the environmental protection Fair-trade provides to its producers. One member of the group had suggested a string game which showed how each stage involved in producing and marketing a Fair-trade product and finally selling it are affected if one part of the chain fails; such as if the produce fails then the suppliers don’t get their produce and lose money. All the chain involved in the process needs to be complete. We will have four exercises for 4 groups of children in a class group to promote Fair-trade. It was a productive meeting.

On Wednesday I got an injection into the bursa of my right hip. So far the pain has not improved much but it can take up to two weeks apparently to show any improvement. I hope it will feel better within a couple of weeks. Otherwise I can have another injection in four weeks. I just have to keep resting my leg.

On Thursday 9th July my beloved and I went to Molly’s home for an afternoon garden party for the Guild meeting. Fortunately it was a lovely sunny afternoon for our meeting; we even had to move into the shade. We had a go at a quiz cleverly compiled by Lynn. My beloved managed to work out 24 correct answers but the best couple had 27! Then Molly and her friend produced an amazing number of scones, cakes and other delights. It was a lovely social occasion. My beloved enjoyed chatting with members of the group and he and another lady spent time admiring Molly’s beautiful garden. I was so glad my beloved had come with me. He especially enjoyed the strawberry and cream cake!

On Friday I was helping at the Acorn Centre again and was pleased to see those who were able to come. It is good to see them gaining in confidence. After the computer course there is a drop-in for members, who need to have somewhere to come to and relax.
On Saturday morning it was the coffee morning at my former chapel and it was good to meet up with my friends. Beth joined me on this occasion as we had not had an opportunity to meet earlier in the week. She was pleased to see friends there and had a chat with Brian who is a fellow coeliac. When Beth worked as a baker at Sainsbury’s he would see her at work, but now she is working in Leeds he had missed seeing her. It is good that Beth no longer works with food with gluten in, which she did as a baker and is probably healthier for her.

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