Time with friends and family

On Monday July 13th I went over to Bardsey to see my friend Christine, who used to work with me a few years ago. She lets me know when she is not looking after her grandsons, so we can see each other. It was pouring with rain so we decided to find somewhere to eat and we enjoyed a meal together. As the rain persisted we returned to Christine’s home to have another drink and further chat. When I had arrived they suggested I park in the drive instead of in the cul-de-sac. When I was ready to go home I began to reverse out but unfortunately I did not see there was a low wall and caught the side of the car on the wall and it became loose. It looked terrible, so I was very upset but apparently that had happened before to John so he knew how to re-attach the side. A neighbour came over to help him and in no time the car looked OK. John advised me to go to Toyota to check if I had done damage which needed repairing. As it was a few hundred pounds I have not claimed on insurance and as a couple of tyres needed replacing, I decided to do that at the same time. I now avoid parking in drives I don’t know!!

On Tuesday morning I joined the New Wine core group and we had a lovely time of prayer and worship and singing. We all decided to work on prayer issues until the next meeting.

On Wednesday Martyn came to tidy our garden. The train he came on from York was full as a lot of people were on their way to the Yorkshire Show complete with picnic hampers. Martyn as usual made a wonderful job of the garden. He works for 4 hours and transforms the garden. I take hours just to do a small area of the garden.
Janet and Graham had invited me for lunch and we enjoyed a salad with strawberries as desert. It was good to have a chat with them.

On Friday it was good to see my friends at the Acorn Centre to help the students with the computer. I enjoyed a relaxed weekend with my beloved.

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