An eventful week with family and friends

On Monday 20th July Brian the worship leader from Harlow Hill Chapel came round to discuss the worship I was leading there the following Sunday. It was good to get his feedback on hymns and incorporated a number of his suggestions in the choices. He was also able to take the copies of the dramatised reading from John 6, so he could find readers for me. Brian agreed to lead the intercessions. I always feel I get more from the services I prepare with members of the congregations where I lead worship. I especially enjoy that at Harlow Hill as there are a number of my former colleagues from my former chapel, Oatlands Chapel, whom I see most months for our fundraising coffee mornings.

In the afternoon our inaugural Bible study at our home took place. We spent the first occasion finding out about our backgrounds and getting to know each other. It was interesting and time flew. We will start in August on our first proper Bible Study on the letter to the Philippians. We will get that Bible study more structured so everyone can play a full part in the discussion and reading of the passages. We look forward to that on August 17th.
On Tuesday I had my hair cut which always makes me feel better. I was going to take my car over to Toyota to be repaired on the Wednesday but my beloved was feeling quite unwell, so I asked if someone could collect it from my house which was fine. I paid for the repair but it had to be kept as it had been inadvertently damaged. I will probably get my car back at the end of the next week.
On Thursday Beth came for tea after work. She seemed exhausted and was glad at the prospect of a couple of extra days off, the next day and Monday. I was glad as she had been covering a holiday as well as her own work for more than a week, and she had only just started working on her own after her initial training.
On Friday we had the last session of the computer course at the Acorn Centre before we start again on September 11th. It was good to see my friends for the last time till September. I baked an apple cake and bought a few goodies. I was given a thank you gift of Waitrose lemon and earl grey shortbread and some scented tea lights. My beloved has already found the biscuits delicious and I am not sure if there are any left; he loves shortbread.

I treated myself to a massage that lunchtime on Saturday, which always relaxes me.

I had done some extra baking in the week making a couple of bacon and egg quiches and a gluten free apple fruit cake and an ordinary apple fruit cake for my sister Janet’s garden party on Saturday 25th July. She was raising money for Killinghall Methodist Chapel and Killinghall parish church. She had baked a cake for a cake raffle prize. Her hubby Graham had specially made two churches out of wood following the designs of both the churches to go on the cake. They looked very impressive. The main raffle involved buying squares up to more than a hundred. Many people had supplied prizes which were selected in two groups. I had given a voucher for a local café as a prize. I bought a few squares for the raffle to support Janet’s causes. Beth baked a gluten free quiche and a gluten free lemon drizzle cake which was apparently delicious. Beth is a very good baker but she enjoys baking the food she can eat as a coeliac. The food tastes no different as it is just the flour which needs to be gluten free.
I was fortunate to win a voucher for ‘The Three Horse Shoes’ in Killinghall to enjoy before the end of August. My beloved and I are looking forward to having the meal. Another of my choices came up but I asked Janet to choose someone else who had not yet had a prize. I was glad that Fran won a couple of prizes, though we did feel embarrassed that we as Janet’s sisters were winning prizes! My brother Selwyn won the star prize of golf. I must admit I would have offered the prize to someone else as I am sure it would have been a better prize for someone who knows how to play golf. I was glad to win a meal. I am not gifted at sport as my sister Janet is but appreciated that it was a really good prize.
I suppose as I was not good at games as a child, at least I never won, I have never been competitive. I enjoy playing games like Solitaire and Scrabble on my tablet or laptop as I just play with the computer, which is fun. I get too stressed if I do games against others like my family. Cathy and Beth love playing Word on their phones with each other and Cathy’s hubby Ken. My beloved like me is not competitive in games but we both like to challenge ourselves against the computer; he loves trouble shooting, tackling problems which arise following updates, which challenges his abilities; I enjoy playing solitaire and scrabble to improve my success rate on my own or against the computer.
In the second draw of the raffle Beth won some eggs and I won a fish and chip supper for 4!

At 5pm I went to the Labour party Hustings for the election of the next leader of the Labour Party. It was interesting to hear the supporters of the candidates speak on behalf their behalf. Our local party nominated Yvette with 20 votes, Jeremy 11 votes, Andy 4 votes and Liz 1 vote. I will still support Jeremy as my first choice and Yvette as my second choice. It went on 2 hours and after a busy day I felt rather tired afterwards. I realise it might have been better to have changed the day of my massage so I could have the full benefit of it!

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2 Responses to An eventful week with family and friends

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I much look forward to taking up the golf offer! Probably some time next year – just as long as I can borrow some clubs. I will go round with Janet and Graham. I had quite forgotten that I had bought any tickets at all! Janet said I won other prizes as well – but she put those back in the melting pot. So glad you won a couple of prizes as well. I was interested to read that you are supporting Jeremy.

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am definitely supporting Jeremy. He is the only politician who has practical ideas to restart the economy properly and bringing an end to continued austerity which unfairly targets the poor and vulnerable. The other potential leaders seem to support what the Tories are doing. What is the point of an opposition party who does not oppose what the Tories are doing. They will not reveal how many died as a result of benefit sanctions, when they are deprived of 4 weeks of money. I always have a larder full of food but these people have nothing in their fridge. Often they could not manage a week’s money well but the Tories changed it to give them a month’s money at once and having not coped with a week’s money they just did not understand how to manage with a month’s. Anyway £70 a week does not go far with the cost of rents, heating and food. Many have to choose between eating cold food as they cannot afford to pay for fuel. When you put money in meters it is more expensive than for those of us who pay on direct debit for the gas and electricity. It cost Beth a fortune when she bought her bungalow, as it had been previously been rented before she could set up her direct debit instead of putting endless money in meters.

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