Family time is special

It was good to see Cathy on Wednesday the 6th August. She had a few jobs she needed to do, so I drove her into town. She had earlier been keeping fit at the gym; rather her than me, I must admit. We then returned to her flat and I was pleased to see the progress of the work on it. The new bathroom looks very swish and the removal of the old bathroom has already been done; the redesigning of the room into a new kitchen was almost completed and the other changes they had made had enhanced the space in the flat. It has since been painted and a new kitchen has been chosen and ordered to be installed later. They have also had window seats built in so they can enjoy the view across to the Stray from their lounge. It is all going to be lovely.
We had to be there so Cathy and Ken’s new bed could be delivered. It arrived within the stated time and it was soon unloaded. The delivery men were delightful and could not have been more helpful.
Cathy and I then did another couple of jobs before we returned to join my beloved and had lunch and a chat with him. It was lovely to spend time with Cathy. I always enjoy it when she is home.

Beth has been driving to our house the last couple of weeks as she has been battling with a cold and was getting overtired, since her folding bike had collapsed and packaged to be returned. It was good to see her whenever she popped in after work.

My beloved and I enjoyed relaxing watching films and the television programs we follow, like the young Montelbano, Odyssey, Super Parents – animal and bird parents and Pet Rescuers. We are so fortunate to have such a selection of films and interesting programs on BBC 2 and BBC 4. We would not need more programs than the free view programs we are offered. We are especially blessed by the variety of programs we get for our licence fee, in particular from the BBC.

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