Time with family and friends

On Monday August 10th I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved. It was just so good being home with him. I also took time to complete my preparation for my service on the following Sunday in the first couple of days. On Tuesday morning I took my car over to Vantage Toyota Knaresborough to fix the scratch on my car’s body work. Ray drove me back home and later I had a phone call to tell me the car was ready. I expected Ray to collect me so I could bring the car back home; however he came with Kieran who had brought my car back! They really did go the second mile for me to get my car repaired. I was able to get on with things at home whilst the car was being repaired, instead of just sitting and waiting at the show room in Knaresborough.

On Wednesday my younger daughter Cathy came over and it was great to see her. We both had a couple of jobs to do in town, before going to see her friend Kristina and her baby son Henry at her mother Alison’s house for lunch. We had a lovely welcome and joined the family in the garden because it was a warm and sunny day. We sat initially in the conservatory whilst Alison’s husband enjoyed sitting in the garden. Little 7 months old Henry was obviously pleased to see Cathy but I held back as he had never seen me before. However he was very sociable and soon came over to investigate me! Henry was absolutely delightful and kept smiling, pushing his legs to stand up and he smiled when I blew at his face. He soon was happy to be with me; I was thrilled. It was wonderful to see his response to his Granma, Alison and his Grandpa John; he laughs with joy when he sees his mum, Kristina and Cathy. He has a very outgoing nature and loves to be the centre of attention. He enjoyed his food especially sitting on his mum’s knee. We too enjoyed the salad and fresh fruit. It was very relaxing seeing them. I had a lovely chat and prayer with Alison. I look forward to seeing them again.

On Thursday afternoon I picked up Molly and Sheila to take them to the Guild meeting at Wesley Chapel. It was a bonus to find Sheila has a disability badge as she can only walk slowly a little way with wheels. I was fortunate to be able to park next to the chapel in the disabled parking place. Usually I drop my passengers at the chapel and then drive around to find somewhere I can park for the duration of the meeting.

Lynn led the meeting beginning with a birthday greeting to a member who recently celebrated a birthday. Later we sang happy birthday as she blew her candle out on the specially prepared cake. We all had a piece of cake or butterfly buns to join the celebration.
June had come to give us a talk about William and Mary Wordsworth. We sang a version of ‘The Stories of Jesus’ apparently sung by them as children in their Methodist Sunday schools to open the meeting, a favourite hymn of a member of the Guild. I read a section from Psalm 104 from verse 7 to 15, as the verses celebrate nature, rivers and hills, similar to the Lake District.
June was so enthusiastic in her portrayal of the history of William. Apparently he travelled to France and met and fell in love with a French lady and she got pregnant with his child later having his daughter, but then the situation following the French Revolution was too dangerous for William to return. He had initially intended to return later and marry the French lady. William knew he wanted to be a poet and his sister Dorothy was determined to live with him and care for him. They found a cottage to rent in the Lake District, which was the dream William had had. As time passed the girl in France was 10 and it was safe enough for William to visit her. However William now wanted to marry Mary but felt he should go and visit his daughter and explain to her mother that he wished to marry Mary. Dorothy accompanied him to France and they stayed a month. On their return William and Mary married.
All the time the poetry was the only way William could express himself. Dorothy wrote a daily journal whenever William was away, so she could keep a record. My summary of June’s talk does not really do justice to the enthusiastic way she presented her love of the Lakes and William’s poetry. Apparently it was only part one so she may return to give us the second part. I would love to hear her again. It was good to meet my friends at the Guild Meeting.
On Thursday evening Beth joined us for the evening meal and we enjoyed time spent with her. I was glad she had booked 3 nights away next week at Keswick. She needs a holiday away. I am glad she has a week off work next week as she needs a break.
On Friday and Saturday I enjoyed relaxing with my beloved. It was a great week with family and friends.

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