Friends and Family make the World go round

On Monday August 17th my beloved and I led the Bible study at our home on Philippians. I told them about the background of the letter and we studied chapter 1v1-2 and 1v3-11. My beloved added to the discussion from his vast knowledge. It was good to be able to stimulate some discussion. I began the session with prayer and Rosemary closed it with prayer. On Monday later on I went to see my friend Susan and it was lovely to see her and we had a good chat.

On Tuesday I helped Rosemary with the coffee morning at Wesley Chapel. I think I am beginning to get the hang of it. I don’t know the names as Rosemary does but I am beginning to recognise the regulars. I quite enjoy filling in for absences and holidays.

On Wednesday evening I met my friend Hilary and we decided to try a different restaurant. I had a risotto and Hilary had a vegetarian burgher. We are still looking for a restaurant we are happy with, since the closure of Pizza Hut. We had become used to going there. Unfortunately restaurants we have felt comfortable in seem to close, so we have to choose carefully!

On Thursday my prayer partner Brian came round and time flew as we brought our worship and prayers for others and our broken world. It is good to share our concerns as we pray; it helps us pray.
Beth rang to tell us about the lovely break she had in Keswick. She took plenty of photos and enjoyed her stay at the Gluten free hotel. She found it great to able to eat all they offered to her. She enjoyed a relaxing holiday including a cruise round Windermere. She has decided her favourite lake is Ullswater. Fortunately the weather was mostly fine, just changing towards the evening.

On Friday lunchtime Beth and I went to try and have lunch at the Three Horseshoe Pub, as I had won a voucher at my sister Janet’s garden party. We got caught up in the aftermath of a crash between a bus and 2 cars, so we had to turn around and go a different way. We finally made it to Killinghall only to find that they were only serving evening meals that day! We saw the funny side and planned to go that evening. Fortunately the road had been re-opened then so we could go straight ahead and were soon there. We handed our voucher in and chose our meal. To celebrate Beth’s holiday and my win Beth had a glass of Pinot Grigio, whilst I being the driver had lime and water. I chose homemade Lasagne with salad and new potatoes instead of chips and Beth enjoyed a Barnsley chop with vegetables and new potatoes. The Lasagne was tasty. Well satisfied we did not have a sweet.

It was lovely relaxing with my beloved on Saturday enjoying his company and our mutual love of music, films, crime series and nature programs, courtesy of our wonderful BBC and films from the Now Box. We both enjoyed the Frank Sinatra profiles on BBC 4 and ‘Cat Woman’ with Halle Berry 2004. All in all it was a busy and enjoyable week.

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