Rest for medical reasons before gardening

On Monday August 24th I went to my doctor to have a repeat injection for my bursitis, as it had recurred after my initial injection; it was getting as painful again. I was advised to rest for 24 hours. In fact I couldn’t do much at all as it was extra painful to do anything but rest. In fact I was so shattered that I just rested and took painkillers.
On Tuesday morning I was still in a lot of pain; it usually gets worse before it gets better. I relaxed longer in bed and had a slow start to the day. We caught up with some programs we had missed earlier or recorded; we saw the most recent episode of ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Les Miserables’. My beloved and I relaxed watching but ‘Les Miserables’ seemed to go on and on; we found ourselves exhausted. I felt so shattered that I decided to doze for a short time, but fell deep asleep for an hour or so! I hardly ever doze off in the day. I felt almost drugged when I awoke but still slept really well that night.
On Wednesday I still did not do much as I felt so tired, so I rested in the afternoon. Our gardener Martyn was unfortunately not well, so could not come to tackle our garden. My thigh was feeling a little more comfortable but I still needed to rest more in the afternoon. Beth popped in to see us and joined us for some tea. It was good to have a chat. Last night I did not sleep as well, and was awake in the middle of the night; I read and had a banana and a drink of red bush tea.

This morning I began to feel more comfortable and did my shopping. I rested for a while but then my beloved and I took advantage of the fine sunny weather to start to chop down some overgrown bushes and tidy up. We stopped for lunch and to watch the doctors and listen to the radio play. Then my beloved mowed the lawn whilst I continued to tidy up the garden. We then rested and felt we had had a productive afternoon. I am enjoying relaxing and watching television with my beloved. ‘Big Blue live’ from Monterey Bay was wonderful; each presenter’s enthusiasm increased our enjoyment of the phenomenal spectacle. There is no program to touch the BBC Nature documentaries. We are so lucky to have the wonderful BBC!

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