Time with Family and Friends

I was supposed to be helping with the Fairtrade Stall at the Starbeck Gala and I am ashamed to say I missed it! Why you may ask? I had written on my calendar that the Gala was on Monday 31st August but I found out too late that it was on Sunday August 30th!! Fortunately there were two people on the stall and they managed without me. I must admit I don’t usually volunteer on a Sunday but I could have helped for at least a couple of hours! My beloved reassured me that it was not the end of the world that I had got the day wrong and I value his support. Having sent apologies for failing to help, I was told not to worry as they had managed very well.
I had my treat of a haircut and blow dry on Tuesday September 1st. On Thursday I met with my prayer partner Brian and we prayed for our chapels. I find it is good to pray together and just be together resting in God’s presence. I have found praying in the morning with members of St Mark’s during the week helps me feel encouraged in prayer.
Beth joined us for the evening for a meal after work. She comes past our house on the bus, so it is easy for her to drop in and see us.

On Thursday evening I had the Local Preacher’s meeting, where we shared communion together led by one of our circuit ministers before we discussed the business side of the meeting and prayed for the local preachers, especially those who were too elderly to preach.

On Saturday 5th September I had a relaxing morning and enjoyed a massage at lunchtime. It is a treat I save up for. I am so blessed in my life with family and friends and especially sharing my life with my beloved.

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One Response to Time with Family and Friends

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    Join the club! I was meant to be going to a meeting of the Beatrix Potter Society – I though it was tomorrow (Saturday,19th) then looked it up and saw that I had missed it as it was last Saturday. And I had arranged to discuss a topic with one member – ah me.

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