An eventful week with family and friends

On Monday morning September 21st Brian the worship leader from Harlow Hill and my prayer partner came to discuss my plans for the service I was leading on October 4th and we commended our plans to prayer. That afternoon we had our Bible Study and I picked up my friend Molly to join us. We completed the study of the first chapter of Philippians and were able to share how God had led us in various situations. As we had finished our discussions I took a three of the group home. I am blessed by my friends and it is good to get to know them more as we study scripture together.
On Tuesday my friend Christine came over for lunch which we enjoyed at Café Culture. I told her about my fall the previous Wednesday and that my ribs were still painful and she as a retired nurse insisted on taking me to casualty to get me checked over. I was seen soon after arrival and felt reassured that any injury to ribs usually gets more painful after 5 days. I felt ready to leave as it is not usual to x-ray chests unless there was any lack of oxygen in my blood or difficulty breathing. Nevertheless once I was there they wanted to make sure I was generally fine. My blood pressure had come down from the last time I had had it checked so retirement must suit me! My ECG seemed OK. I felt reassured but they were concerned about why I had fallen. I could not remember tripping and have had a number of falls recently. After the fall in the previous week I had gone into shock and could not get warm until the evening. My beloved had cared for me beautifully all day and was obviously concerned about my reaction to the fall. Normally I leap up and apart from a number of bruises I am none the worse for the experience, but that fall had really shaken me up. They found some anomaly in the heart and asked me to make an appointment to see my GP so I could be referred to Cardiology for checks. If I had another fall I was advised not to drive till I had seen the GP. As I felt exhausted after my afternoon at the Hospital I sent my apologies for the Labour Party meeting that evening.
I made an appointment to see the GP on Thursday and was then told I had a heart murmur and until I had seen the Cardiologist I was not allowed to drive. I had to arrange for my breakdown firm to bring my car home so it was not left overnight at the doctor’s!
On Friday after the Acorn I met Beth to treat her to lunch at Filmore and Union Café in town as it was her birthday on the following Sunday, when Cathy would be taking her out for the day; everything was delicious and gluten free so Beth had a great choice of things to eat. The cakes are especially delicious even for me who can eat gluten. We shared two main courses which had looked appetising and we were not disappointed. We each enjoyed a cake to celebrate. We bought a fudge brownie for Cathy as we were dropping in to see her on the way home. Cathy had wanted to hear in more detail about what I had learned at the doctors. She was tired having just returned from holiday and had been travelling back for 24 hours from Singapore!
My beloved had his flu jab on Saturday and we had a relaxing weekend together. I love spending time with him. He always keeps me amused and up to date with what is happening on his Twitter feed.

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