An interesting week

On Wednesday October 7th Martyn our gardener came to tidy our garden. We hoped he would come as he had not been for 4 weeks, having been on holiday, but it was pouring with relentless rain all day! Bless him he came about 10.00 and persisted till 1.00 when I suggested he finish early as he looked rather like a drowned rat! He managed to do quite a bit of tidying up even though the lawn was certainly too waterlogged to mow.
On Thursday I took my shopper and walked to Waitrose and got my shopping and returned on the bus home. That afternoon I set off walking to our chapel for the Guild meeting with our speaker Rev Brian Shackleton spoke to the meeting about ‘All we can’ which was formerly MRDF – Methodist Relief and Development Fund. Les Simms opened the meeting and led the prayers. Gladys Simms read from Acts the description of the healing of the lame man at the Gate Beautiful.
Brian answered a criticism often levelled at charities working in the same areas; people apparently wondered if work was ever duplicated between charities, but Brian said that was not the case as charities often specialised in different fields. ‘All we can’, specialised in working with communities alongside community leaders to make a difference. Brian explained that it was better that the charity now was not seen as specifically Methodist as it met the needs of all people, not just those belonging to the Methodist Church; ‘All we can’ showed that the charity would serve anyone in any way it could. Apparently the first project from which ‘All we can’ began, was building a well in a village for the poorest people, the Dalits, in the community; before they had to wait for all the richer people to get water from the only well available before they could get water. ‘All we can’ works with those on the margins in communities.
Two gap year students visited Leema in Peru and helped pre-school children for a while. When they realised the lack of provision for children, they returned determined to raise money to refurbish a former baker’s, to build a nursery for local children of a Flavella. Brian said that it became their family project so they raised money to make the change. They got it transformed into a nursery. Another Flavella wanted one and began to raise money for a similar nursery. ‘All we can’ gave money to help the second nursery project. Now these nurseries were self funded.
‘All we can’ trained farmers in El Salvador, so they could train others on the spot; in that way those trained would find it easier to advise their own countrymen. ‘All we can’ works in partnership with those on the ground, supporting the needs there. Alongside the nursery there was a space where local women were taught craft skills to improve their earning capacity.
What can we do ourselves other than give our money to ‘All we can’? We can write to our MPs and get them forwarded to the minister responsible. I do write to MPs to stand up for those affected by climate change, but sometimes I wonder whether it makes any difference! I do keep trying though.
On Saturday October 10th Beth took me over to Otley for my hair appointment. We then went shopping together and had a drink and cake at Fodder’s restaurant.  I enjoyed time relaxing with my beloved most days.

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