A very busy week of socialising and activities

On Sunday afternoon after I led worship at Kearby Chapel I returned home to spend time with Malcolm’s friends, Peter and Pamela. The previous day we had heard from Peter and Pamela; they had told us they were coming to stay at the Cedar Court Hotel for a couple of nights which was a lovely surprise. On Saturday early evening my beloved and I joined them at the Cedar Court Hotel for an evening meal. It was so good to see them. My beloved and I had delicious grilled plaice with asparagus spears and new potatoes and Peter and Pamela had a special 24 hour slow cooked shoulder of lamb and they found it very good. Peter and Pamela decided to have starters instead of a sweet; they really enjoyed confit duck Scotch egg. My beloved and I had sweets; my beloved had ginger beer cheesecake and I can’t remember what I had as a sweet. Peter and Pamela joined us for curry, lovingly prepared by my beloved on Sunday evening. It was great to spend more time with them. I had made apple sponge for the pudding which we enjoyed with custard. Malcolm so much enjoyed spending time with them as he was so stimulated by seeing them. With his condition he finds it difficult to go and socialise easily but seeing friends helped.
On Monday October 19th our Bible study group met at our house and we studied Philippians 2. We found it interesting and informative and we learnt more together than my beloved and I had noticed when we were preparing the study. It is good to share fellowship together with other members from our chapel. My beloved finds it stimulating to see people and especially to use his theological knowledge.
On Wednesday I had an appointment at physiotherapy at Harrogate District Hospital. The physiotherapist was very helpful. He asked me about the problem of bursitis I had had 2 injections for. He checked the freedom of my movement and was pleased with my flexibility. He explained that the muscle in my thigh was causing the problem by being rather tight; when it was moving over my bursa it was rubbing it and causing it to be inflamed; I had to stretch that muscle for the count of 20 each day to help it become looser and prevent it from aggravating my bursa. He felt sure the injections had helped and that it would settle after I had stretched the muscle so it was loose enough not to rub against the bursa. I have been trying that stretching. He also saw that I tended to walk fast and told me to slow my pace down. He told me to practice balancing on my right leg initially then on each leg, then try with my eyes shut. My balance is improving as I try to balance but I am not yet confident enough to try that with my eyes closed. Martyn came and tidied up our garden and will come again in a month to do the final tidy before winter sets in.  He does do such a good job.
On Thursday my beloved had his dental check up with a new dentist. After such a busy week my beloved found it difficult to make it to the dentist and unfortunately he had to wait for more than half an hour as there was a mistake in the order of patients; he was in pain and discomfort but did not have any of his painkillers or wrist supports with him. He did not feel as relaxed as he usually did going there. I hope his next visit for a check up will go better. He had to rest and take painkillers once back home.
On Friday I had a smear and if all is clear it may be the final one I have as I have had normal smears all my life. I then was at the Acorn Centre helping with computers.

On Saturday I met Beth and we shopped together at Sainsbury’s before enjoying lunch together at Cafe Culture. It is lovely to spend time with her.

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