A week with family and friends

Last week I kept going out to do a little chopping of branches in the garden to fill the garden bin up; it has been so wet that I had to go down in wellingtons and carry the chopped wood in a bag to the garden bin. All our garden containers are full of water, the ponds are full, and the weather is mostly dull and misty. We have had intermittent heavy rain and dull misty weather this week, although the sun and blue sky did try to peep through the clouds on Saturday, but that was only for a few fleeting moments.
On Thursday I did my shopping at Waitrose for the week and then was glad to return to the welcome warmth of home with my beloved. In the afternoon my friend Brian came round for our time of prayer; once again praying together was a time of blessing and strengthening for us.
On Friday we were back at the Acorn Centre for the last session of our course. Next week we start a short 5 week course leading up to Christmas. Those who were present had to fill in the evaluation forms for the 7 week course; now there are extra questions to answer, it took us much longer to help the students complete them. My beloved and  enjoyed a meal together at Table Table restaurant with a voucher with money off.
On Saturday I drove over to Beth’s and took her shopping to Sainsbury’s after she had had a night out in Leeds with work colleagues to celebrate a fellow apprentice’s 18th birthday. She was tired but had enjoyed herself. I then dropped her home, as I was going to enjoy the treat of a massage at Skin Sanctuary.
The massage was lovely and relaxing and I could easily have drifted off to sleep, as Silvie has such skill. Feeling much more relaxed I drove home to enjoy time with my beloved, as we watched the great film, ‘The Theory of Everything’. We were totally captivated by the excellent storyline and the brilliant acting of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, based on the memoirs of Stephen Hawking’s ex-wife Jane Wilde Hawking. Eddie portrayed the deteriorating health of Stephen brilliantly perfectly showing the progressively crippling illness of motor neurone disease. It was great how his girlfriend Jane encouraged him and helped him get motivated; they were so much in love. It was lovely to see them getting married. It was very moving and Stephen’s humour was really well portrayed and his love of his wife and children.
Then we chose a frivolous film with a Christmas theme, ‘Jingle all the way 2’, about a Dad and Step Dad fighting over who was the best Dad; it was amusing and annoying but all ended well in the end and the Dads were happy to spend time together with their 8 year old daughter. We love watching films together through our Now box. It is always great to relax and enjoy films with my beloved.

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