A social week with family and friends

On Wednesday 11th November Cathy came round to see us and Cathy and I walked into town and back. We did some shopping jobs and then we enjoyed a drink and shared a cake at Filmore and Union Café. We set off back home and relaxed after a snack lunch with my beloved and watched ‘Interstellar’, which we all found very interesting and powerful. It was lovely to see Cathy and spend time with her, especially as she was home for a shorter period of time. As always we enjoyed great chats.
On Thursday morning I did my usual shopping and then I picked up Sheila to go to the Guild meeting at our chapel. It is much easier to park near church as she has a disabled parking badge so I do not need to drop the passengers off before finding a parking space. Molly led the prayers and I read the poem; the Fallen as it was just after Remembrance. Lynn introduced the speaker, the Rev. John Parkin and we sang ‘Yes God is good in earth and sky’. We had a speaker who was an excellent raconteur and kept us all highly interested and amused with the subject God is good. John had come from a poor family in the North East and he had gone to a Catholic Primary School, and secondary school. His experience in his first school was good and positive but it changed for the worst in the secondary school, when he was targeted by a nun who took a dislike to him as he had a funny eye. He was at the receipt of bad treatment and truanted frequently so left school without any qualifications.
At one time he joined the Salvation Army, having been converted and became an officer and he met his wife there and married when she became an officer. Later due to ill health his wife had to give up her work and he retired. They did not know where God wanted them next, but heard that the National Children’s Home (now known as ‘Action for Children’) needed house parents and they came to be interviewed by Peter Blades and started being house parents and continued in that service for 15 years. His faith journey moved from the links then with the Methodist Church through NCH to his affiliation with an Anglican Church. There he felt called to being a minister in the Anglican Church and trained for 2 years and at the age of 70 became a curate at Otley Parish Church; he leads funerals mostly and an odd wedding and works in other pastoral roles at the age of 78! He was inspiring to listen to as he spoke with sincerity and humour. We sang, ‘Take my life and let it be’ and Molly concluded the session as we said the grace together. We then socialised and enjoyed some beautiful home made cake!

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2 Responses to A social week with family and friends

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I wonder whether you mentioned to John Parkin that your father also was a curate at Otley Parish Church – way back in the late 1930s?

  2. helenbeech says:

    I did not think about it till after the meeting, so I did not mention that father was there. I did meet a lady a while ago who held Margaret as a baby when she was 13! She was most interested in Margaret’s funeral. She remembered David as a small child too!

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