An eventful week

On Tuesday November 24th I had an appointment at the dentist and had 3 fillings and resolved to cut down on sweet things.  As my beloved has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic he has been told to cut down on his sugar intake.  He stopped having sugar in his coffee and I have been buying him nuts which he is snacking on more, instead of biscuits or cakes; he never had a sweet tooth before he stopped smoking more than 5 years ago.  It has made me buy him less sweet treats, although he still feels deprived.  He does love nuts, so that helps.  I agree with him that it would be worse for him to be a diabetic; prevention is better than cure.  The doctor was also concerned about his raised cholesterol, but both my beloved and I are pleased that it has come down from 7.3 in 2012 to 6.1, so it is going in the right direction.  As he suffers so much from pain, made more intense since we have been having so much wet weather, he does not want to have to take statins, as that can increase muscle pain; we both feel having the daily Flora pro-active must be playing its part in reducing his cholesterol more naturally.  I am lucky as my cholesterol is 4.8, LDL – 2, and HDL – 2.5, so it is well balanced.  As we eat the same diet it must have more to do for my beloved by his inability to exercise due to his M.E.

On Tuesday evening I went to the Labour Party meeting and we had a discussion about the current topic of whether Trident should be renewed or not; having listened to the pros and cons the majority of our local party voted not to renew Trident.  It is a pity that there are ministers in the Parliamentary Labour Party who support such policies, but at least our leader Jeremy Corbyn is of the same mind.  My beloved and I have been described as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ just because we urged our Conservative M.P. to vote against bombing Syria; of course to no avail for Andrew Jones always toes the party line!  At least we have the freedom to put our views forward in petitions, even though we seem to get nowhere!  I will not give up expressing my views, even if elected politicians seem oblivious to my requests.  How in my opinion is escalating violence in Syria, a civil war we have not been invited to participate in, as Russia has, going to help the tragedy of that country, nor is it going to defeat ISIS?  Those who lose out as always are the innocent civilians caught up in these struggles for power; those traumatised refugees are only going to increase in number and nowhere seems prepared to accept them into their countries, except Germany; we are only taking 20,000 over 5 years, a drop in the ocean.  The countries bordering on Syria are already overwhelmed by the mass of desperate refugees.

On Wednesday I took my Toyota in for a winter check, as it was free of charge and I was not obliged to follow their recommendations; in fact they only suggested replacing the back windscreen wiper, but I had not noticed any defect, so did not replace it; I had my car washed and cleaned inside as well as the check as is usual for any work by Toyota.  I was pleased to know it was fine ready for my trip to see Kathleen, my step mum and my sister Fran at the weekend.

On Thursday I met with Brian and we had a planning meeting together, as he is the worship leader at Harlow Hill Chapel, where I would be preaching on December 6th.  We had a shortened time of prayer to conclude our work.

On Friday I was helping at the Acorn Centre with computer as usual.  I do find it lovely to go there and be with such a large group of friends and I do feel as though I make a positive contribution there.  That centre will always be special for me, as it enabled me to rebuild my confidence after a nervous breakdown and coming out of teaching, gain computer skills and work from 2006 till my retirement last year in a doctor’s surgery.  I saw Beth briefly that week, as I would be away at the weekend.


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