The importance of family time

On Tuesday December 1st my treatment on my teeth was completed and I am resolved to eat less sweet things which could cause further decay.  In the evening I had my local preacher’s meeting, where we were introduced to the new course for the training of worship leaders and local preachers. The first stages of the course are shared by worship leaders and local preachers, then those who feel called to be local preachers complete the whole course.  David Hunt our circuit deacon had outlined the new course, which has a very different approach to training, which I would need to study in more detail before I could follow it.  It is good for our training to be refreshed; we tend now to do more ongoing training and learning, when we learn about different topics at our Local Preacher’s meeting.

On Thursday I took my sister Janet and her husband Graham out for a Christmas dinner at the Table Table restaurant at the Park, Hornbeam Park.  We enjoyed our Christmas meal.  We all had the turkey and trimmings, but Graham and I had Christmas pudding, whilst Janet enjoyed cheese and biscuits.  We also exchanged Christmas presents; life is very full as we get nearer to Christmas. I took them home and had a drink with them, before I popped in to see my best friend Hilary with her belated birthday present and her Christmas present.  Her eldest son Andrew has returned with his wife Mona, son Tod and daughter Michelle for an extended stay for 6 months.  Michelle who is 6 has been able to join a local primary school but Tod as a 12 year old is still studying on line, as it has not been easy to fit him into a secondary school here.  As Mona is Mongolian they usually live there, but wanted to spend some time here, as Hilary’s husband Les suffers with a lot of poor health and no longer finds he can travel easily.  Andrew also works online teaching English as a foreign language.

It was lovely to spend more time relaxing with my beloved, enjoying Christmas music, films and the programs we follow on the television.  We particularly have enjoyed the secret life of 4, 5 and 6 year olds; we love the way they reason things out, coming out with some profound thoughts.  We love the way they learn how to interact with others and feel the pain of those who struggle to conform and fit in; the making and losses of friendship and how to cope with losing. I grew up hating competitive games as I always lost out to my younger sister Fran; the result is that I enjoy stretching myself against myself, but do not enjoy any sort of real competition with others.  It was especially lovely when we saw the children meeting up with friends they had made before, which was more marked with the 6 year olds.  We also find most of the Goggle box program funny and interesting, as long as the programs they are watching are ones in which we are interested.  Some programs are much funnier than others, especially when we have seen the same programs as they are watching and we remember our reactions and anticipate theirs!

On Saturday I met with Beth for our usual chat and drink.  It is always good to see her.


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