A week of socialising and Christmas carols and lunch

On Monday December 7th my friend and former colleague, Christine came over to see me. We had lunch at Café Culture and I had a Christmas special sandwich with turkey and stuffing, which was very good. Christine treated me to flapjack. It was good to see her again and catch up on her news. Now both her grandsons are at school, it gives her a bit more time during the day, but she sometimes has them to stay the night if her daughter and son in law are both working; her daughter is a registrar in paediatrics and her son in law a consultant in geriatrics, so their shifts, especially night duty mean that they need the back up of Christine.
On Thursday December 10th it was the Guild carol service and as it was the Christmas lunch for forward together we joined the group for it. It made it a lovely Christmas celebration. The lunch was lovely, fruit salad, followed by turkey with stuffing and vegetables and completed with a most delicious Christmas pudding. I must admit that Christmas pudding is my favourite pudding especially with white sauce and brandy butter, which is how I enjoy it on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. It was good to get to know some of the regulars at Forward Together. A lady who had been on our table decided to stay for the Carol Service, so I helped her as she was only partially sighted. She really enjoyed singing the carols with us, and listening to the readings on the Nativity. It was a really good celebration with my friends at the Chapel. I had taken a couple of passengers, so I parked in the multi-storey car-park, but that cost me nothing, as my passengers insisted on contributing to the parking cost. I took a third passenger home too.
On Friday it was the last session for the computer at the Acorn Centre, so cards and presents were exchanged; I shall open the presents tomorrow. I am glad I now have time to complete my present wrapping and send off my Christmas cards and parcels to arrive in time for Christmas.
On Saturday we had our monthly Charity coffee morning at my former, chapel, Oatlands, now belonging to the playgroup and adapted as a community centre. It was good to relax together and enjoy mince pies and fellowship. At lunchtime I had a treat of a massage with Silvie at Skin Sanctuary in town. Then although the weather seemed miserable and wet, I decided to do some needed town shopping, whilst there before gratefully going home on the bus. Beth came to see me and we had a drink and a cake together in our local M&S café, where there are always plenty of gluten free choices for Beth to have. Then, I must admit, I felt rather shattered so I just rested that evening with my beloved. It is always good to spend time relaxing with my beloved.

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2 Responses to A week of socialising and Christmas carols and lunch

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    Do you have the white sauce and the brandy butter at the same time? or sometimes one and sometimes the other? and what flavour of white sauce do you like? Janet makes wonderful brandy butter – and that is what I love with Christmas pudding

  2. helenbeech says:

    We always have white sauce and brandy butter at the same time. We just have ordinary white sauce as the brandy butter flavours the sauce. We make the sauce with cornflour so Beth can enjoy it as well. It makes lovely white sauce but it is the brandy butter which makes the Christmas pudding special, I agree.

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