Christmas time with Cathy

Cathy returned on December 15th in time for her Christmas celebration with us on Wednesday December 16th. I met her in town and I did a bit of shopping with her before we went for her to get a blood test at our surgery. We returned home and we went to Café Culture for a drink and cake to keep us going till our later Christmas lunch. Cathy was glad to be able to open some presents and decide which ones to take with her for Christmas in France.
Cathy, my beloved and I went to Table Table Restaurant for our Christmas lunch. It was lovely to have the crackers and Christmas food, although my beloved was not feeling on top. Cathy, bless her treated us to the lunch with the wine. It was fun. We then returned and relaxed watching Cathy open presents and it was good to spend time with her. We sat and watched the Jennifer Aniston film, Cake, where we saw her battling addiction to painkillers, after a crash badly injured her and killed her small son. It was a compelling film in which we felt all her pain, but it is not a film I would like to see again. As Cathy was not working at Christmas she and Ken had decided to go skiing in France instead. She will be working on New Year’s Eve and will be home mid January. It was lovely to see Cathy albeit only for a short time.
On Thursday I was busy shopping and had my time of prayer with Brian in readiness for Christmas. My beloved and I had booked to go to the Acorn Centre Christmas lunch but I thought we had to arrive between 5 and 5.30 but they had nearly served all the Christmas dinner out, when we arrived at 5. We looked for a table we could both sit at, but the room seemed full and I could not see two seats free for us to sit together and the music was on very loud; in the end we left the tickets, explaining why we could not stay and we went back home. If we had arrived earlier we would have found a place I am sure, but we were too late. We just relaxed together at home instead that evening.

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