A relaxing week with my beloved

I just flopped on Monday and Tuesday after my busy weekend over Christmas. On Wednesday I led worship at Berwick Grange MHA Methodist Home for the Aged. It is only a short service as most residents suffer from dementia. I was pleased to see that an organist was there, as that helps me sing with the elderly residents. If the organist had not come, it would have been alright as the chaplain Sue Langley is also an organist. She prefers to be free to sing with residents though.
We began by singing ‘Once in royal David’s city’ before I led the prayers. I read the Bible passage from Luke 9.41-52 before we sang, ‘O little town of Bethlehem.’ I then acted out the story of the boy Jesus in the Temple, explaining that he was considered an adult at the age of 12 as a Jew. I imagined the situation and how Jesus was so absorbed in all the new excitement of being in the Temple; he just lost track of time. He was so keen to learn from the learned teachers in the Sanhedrin, that he listened and asked questions and gave mature answers. He was puzzled that his parents had been worried about him as surely they would have realised he was in his father’s house. However then He submitted to his parents and grew in favour with God and people. Mary though worried treasured all she learnt from Jesus in her heart; although she could not understand why he had not realised they would be worried, when they could not find him.
The residents who were awake seemed to be listening and they all responded to the music and the singing of the hymns, even if they only hummed the tunes. We concluded the service when we sang, ‘In the bleak midwinter’. After the service I went round to each of the residents and said, ‘God bless you,’ and touched their hands. I always feel touch is important as I remember how my sister Margaret, who was dying from a brain tumour, responded to touch on my last visit.
On Thursday I shopped locally for fresh vegetables and fruit, as we still had a lot of meat from Christmas. Beth popped in to see us as she finished work early on New Year’s Eve. I managed to stay awake watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny to see the New Year in relaxing on the couch and we watched the lengthy display of fireworks in London; rather extravagant in these stringent times, I think. However my beloved had a very restless night in great pain, so our sleep pattern was disturbed but eventually we did get some sleep. I felt sorry for my beloved’s extreme discomfort when he was so tired.
We had a slow start to 2016 watching the cartoon ‘Turbo’ and then ‘Monsters versus Aliens’; both of which were brilliant. We recorded the second to watch after we had seen the New Year in watching the New Year Concert from Vienna; a joy my beloved had introduced me too since we married. As we watched we had some delicious smoked trout and toasted the New Year with champagne. Later we enjoyed a Christmas dinner again with Christmas pudding, white sauce and brandy butter; delicious. I tried not to overdo the roast potatoes, nor to do too many vegetables, so we were not over faced. It was cosy relaxing at home together and it was lovely to chat with Cathy, when she rang to wish us a Happy New Year and we wished her a Happy New Year, now she was back at work and her beloved Ken had returned home.
Later we had problems with our television picture breaking up, so we tried to watch via the I Player, but there was an error and we could not watch any BBC programs on it and so had to catch up with the programs the next day. It was frustrating at the time. We went upstairs to watch Sherlock as we felt tired after our late night before.
On Saturday we had a quiet day as I still felt tired but it was good just to relax together. It was good to have a quieter week.

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