A week of activities with friends and family

On Monday January 11th I was pleased to be able to see Hilary and we went out for a meal at Table Table Restaurant. It is lovely going there as it is warm and cosy and we can easily talk as there is no loud music. The tables are spaced out so you are not on top of each other. I was so glad to be able to catch up on her family news and to hear that her husband Les, although never really well had overcome his latest health crisis when he could not clear a chest infection. We hope to meet again in a month. I have known Hilary for 36 years and her boys and my girls grew up together.
Fortunately our gardener Martyn was able to come and prune the apple trees and tidy up a few things on Wednesday, as it remained fine all day for a change, although the garden was still waterlogged. It was a treat to have a dry cold day without constant rain for a change.
I was especially relieved as it snowed quite heavily on Thursday morning that Martyn was not due to come on that day. I managed my shopping in the morning before meeting my friend Brian after lunch at my home for our time of prayer, which helps strengthen us. I was thrilled to have a phone call with my younger daughter Cathy as she had just returned home for a couple of weeks. I will see her next Thursday.
I had a meeting with the Fair-trade group in the evening, when I updated the group on the schools work we have been preparing. It was good to catch up again with my colleagues in the group and discuss the renewal of our Fair-trade status as the Harrogate and District Borough.
On Friday I returned to help students at the Acorn Centre with computer skills. After a break they all need a refresher. It was good to see my friends again. On my return my beloved and I went to see if there was an available appointment for him to have his eyes tested, as he had the stamina to go into town. Boots Opticians fortunately were able to fit him in and the Optometrist said that his eyes were in good health even though this had been his first test since 2003! He cannot really book as he is not sure whether he will be well enough to cope on the day. Not long after our return Beth came in after work and we went and had a chat, drink and biscuit in our local M&S Café. As always it was good to see her.
My beloved and I had a relaxing start to the day listening to Sounds of the 60’s before I went via the Tip to Sainsbury’s to fill up with petrol and buy one or two things. Having unpacked I set off to town, where I was meeting Fran, my younger sister, for lunch, as she had been staying the night with Janet and Graham. It was so lovely to walk in the bright sunshine and the crisp winter morning to town. It really is such a treat to see the sun and not to have rain! We both arrived at the Cenotaph at the same time and went to enjoy a light lunch in Filmore and Union restaurant. I had a chicken Tagine and Fran had soup with healthy bread. I enjoyed a ginger, mint and lemon infusion, whilst Fran had earl grey tea. We both succumbed to the notice – try me – next to some cake bites, which proved to be delicious and set off a trend of people trying the samples! As the meal had not taken long to arrive and be consumed we had plenty of time left before Fran was due to meet her friend that afternoon, so Fran having shopped in Waitrose, suggested a walk in the Valley Gardens. It was a perfect afternoon for it with ice still present all around and we enjoyed a round trip part way through the Pine Woods, before retracing our steps through the gardens. It felt exhilarating in the crisp fine air. The Children’s play area is wonderful now and there is also a skateboard park. Walking was fine as long as we kept to the pavements, as it is still so muddy and wet. It has been an enjoyable week with family and friends.

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