A Beautiful Day for a Walk

On Wednesday January 20th it was a cold and frosty morning and it was a joy to see the sun shining. I prefer cold, frosty days to rain and it was such a treat to see the blue sky and sun shining! I took my beloved to the hospital for a blood test and as we expected there were a quite large number of people waiting. My beloved took a ticket and waited. To begin with the queue went down quickly but just a few turns before my beloved’s turn was due there was a 10 minute break and then 5 minutes between each turn, so we were relieved when he got his turn. As usual he was out quickly because they have no trouble taking his blood. I then drove him home before going on to Harewood to meet my former colleague and friend Christine.
Christine had suggested we had a meal at ‘Muddy Boots’ Café, and when I finally arrived, she was standing by the car park to guide me to any possible space. Fortunately I was able to park reasonably easily. We then went into the café and realised there were no free tables, neither in the main section, where a birthday party was in full swing nor in the section where owners and dogs were welcome. I suggested we try Harewood Arms, as I had eaten there with friends before. As we set off I found myself stumbling and having linked arms with Christine could not regain my balance and we fell down together; I felt awful!! Fortunately as we sailed down together the speed must have slowed down and we seemed to get away without any injury! I kept asking Christine if she was sure she was alright and she kept reassuring me. We carried on to the main road which we had to cross to get to the Harewood Arms, only to find that they were not serving meals, as their kitchen was being refurbished!! So we returned to our cars wondering whether to find a café in Collingham or go to Christine’s home and make a sandwich. Just as we were about to leave, Christine suggested we look to see if there was a spare table and fortunately there was. We sat down quickly to claim the table and chose what we wanted to eat; I chose a jacket potato with beans, tuna and cheese with salad and Christine had a sandwich. However it took Christine a while whilst I stayed at the table to get the order put through at the counter. Soon we were enjoying the meal and getting used to the arrival of owners and dogs.

As it was such a lovely day, Christine and I decided to walk along beside the Harewood Estate. A notice told us that there were stags in the field, but we could only see the does in the next field. As we walked along a couple walking in the opposite told us there were a group of stags behind us on the hill; they looked amazing with their antlers against the blue sky! We continued to walk further as it was such a lovely day before we retraced our steps. We enjoyed our chats though wisely Christine decided to walk along next to me without linking arms!! It was lovely to spend time with Christine. I hope I shall see her again soon.

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