Bible Study Group

  • On Monday January 18th we began our new Bible Study Course. We are using the York Lenten Course and starting it now, as we only meet once a month. There is so much material that we did not have time to go through the different sections of the CD slowly, so next time we will concentrate on the questions and the CD and return to the booklet if there is time. We could encourage them to read the booklet either before or after each session and comment on anything which had occurred to them. The course will look at 5 psalms and the first psalm we studied was Psalm 100, which is a psalm of thanksgiving and praise. Psalms are the prayer book of the Bible and can help us pray when we run out of words to say. We found the discussion lively and stimulating. We learnt how important it is to be thankful and as we pray using a psalm like this one, we will find we feel closer to God and it helps us feel better. Talking with God in prayer and using psalms like this help us build and deepen our relationship with God. Time flew and we soon had to draw the session to a close.
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