Time with Family and Friends

On Thursday 21st January I did my shopping before Cathy came round to see us. It was lovely to have her home for a couple of weeks again. She gave me a few ‘Cathy vouchers’ as her husband Ken calls the stocking gifts she gave me and I redeemed my first voucher, when Cathy treated me to a drink and we shared a scone. We had a second drink each and shared a biscuit too. We had a lovely chat and enjoyed relaxing together. We did a little shopping at the local shops and joined my beloved for a salad lunch. We watched ‘Doctors’ and then chose a film from our new NOW box which we enjoyed. It was a film fictionalised about the murder of the English student Meredith Kercher in Perugia Italy called ‘Face of an Angel’. It was a really interesting study of a trial and the possibility of making the film. I always love spending time with my daughters. I will see Beth on Saturday for lunch. I am fortunate to be able to see Beth each week, but I make the most of seeing Cathy when she is home with her beloved hubby.

Today I had a slower start to the day, before setting off to the Acorn Centre to help the students with computer studies. I was pleased to see more students joining the course, as we need at least 10 students to make the WEA course viable. It is good to see my friends from the computer group again. Following our course the drop in centre there was open; one of the co-ordinators came in with her delightful little Cavalier King Charles puppy, Pippa. She likes to be introduced to all clients who come into the centre; she does not like being ignored! It was lovely to see blue sky and a little sun after having walked to the Centre in pouring rain this morning, when I set off for home. We value any day when it is fine however cold it may feel. I feel cold crispy weather is better at killing off germs than the wet milder weather. We are learning to make the most of each day free of rain at least for part of it.

I am looking forward to a relaxing evening with my beloved as we catch up with television programs we missed and watch tonight’s programs together.

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