The onset of worrying eye symptoms for my beloved

On Thursday February 4th I had a time of prayer with Brian for the needs of our church and the world.
On Friday February 5th I helped as usual students with the computer at the Acorn Centre. I arrived home to find that my beloved was having difficulty to see with his left eye; he had only got his new glasses the previous Monday and all had seemed well at first, except that he had seen some floaters outside his eyes when had collected his new glasses, which was checked but seemed fine. We rang Boots opticians and they could fit my beloved in that afternoon. The same optometrist who had done his original inspection retested my beloved’s eyes and now he could not see much out of his left eye. She rang the hospital and found that he could go on Saturday at 12.00 to have another test to see why his eye had indeed deteriorated so quickly.

Beth popped in after work and we enjoyed a drink and a chat together and caught up with news. I am so glad she is enjoying her new job so much even though the training to be an apprentice is quite demanding alongside her job.
On Saturday we soon found the eye clinic and waited to be seen. We hardly had to wait long before my beloved, who had found his vision had begun to improve that morning, was retested. He saw a consultant who thought the experience my beloved had had was an optical migraine. He would be seen on another day for a field vision test. We were out of the hospital after excellent service in just over an hour. I was relieved he could see again properly as it had been very worrying. On our return my beloved looked up about optical migraine online. We found out to our surprise that an optical migraine could be protected against by Amitriptyline and my beloved had stopped taking it after he had seen the doctor, who had changed his medication!!

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