Being there for Family and Friends

On Monday morning at 7.13 am I got a phone call from Beth, as she had been unable to start her car after a particularly cold night with a slight snowfall. I got straight up and drove over, having de-iced my car and with her jump lead we managed to get her started. I was glad to be able to help, as she never normally asks me for anything. She was only half an hour late to work, but did not work extra to make up, as she had spent Saturday doing the administration for a clinic at the hospital. She then for the rest of the week made plans to keep her car warm by putting a blanket on the engine at night and had no further problems starting that week. It gave me a good early start to the day and I seemed to get more done that morning.

On Tuesday February 16th I had an appointment with the doctor, who gave me advice about wearing a splint on my right wrist at night, as I have been having problems with numb fingers. She also told me to take painkillers. Wearing the splint at night is easing the problem for me so I have not had to take as many painkillers, so they have not caused me any problems. The doctor was really lovely and helpful.
In the evening we had the Fairtrade Group meeting and made our plans for the Fairtrade Coffee morning just before the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight on Saturday 27th February. I agreed to bake a gluten free apple fruit cake and an ordinary apple fruit cake and my millionaire shortbread which are usually popular. I will help in the morning. Others are preparing sandwiches and soup and cakes. It should be a good occasion. We also made our final preparations for our first Fairtrade promotion lesson in a primary school in which three of us would be taking part.

Cathy was coming to see me on Wednesday as she was home again and it was lovely to see her and chat as we had a drink and shared two cakes at Café Culture. We then returned to join my beloved who had been struggling with extreme discomfort following his recent medication changes; he had to sit with his arms tightly against his body and wear wrist straps in an attempt to ease it, taking Tramadol to ease the problem, although that takes time to have any affect. He had had an especially bad afternoon on Sunday and without warning on the Tuesday. When it gets particularly bad he feels sick and just can do nothing. It can be triggered by as little as reading a book or going on his tablet or on his laptop. There is nothing I can do to ease how he feels. Fortunately his discomfort had eased a little on Wednesday.
Since he saw Dr Payne the previous Tuesday and been put back on Amytriptyline, his pains had not properly settled back to the level he had before, and attacked him without warning. At least his pain at night had begun at that time to improve and he had begun to catch up on sleep. We relaxed with Cathy and we watched the latest Cinderella film, which we all really enjoyed. We then watched ‘Ex Machina’ and although my beloved and I had already seen it, we found its impact was even greater than the first time we had seen it. It was lovely to relax together.

On Thursday morning my beloved’s excruciatingly discomforting pain returned with a vengeance and the only way to get relief was to take off his cardigan and shirt and sit topless. It was so bad that I realised he would not be able to get to the eye clinic, so I rang the hospital with profuse apologies to cancel that day’s and the following day’s appointments. On Friday it was our 16th wedding anniversary and we managed to go out for a late lunch as his extreme symptoms had eased for enough time to eat a meal. We did not have any drinks so that we did not have to wait so long to be served and we fortunately did not have to wait long, although I was anxious that my beloved might not manage to stay, as he could deteriorate suddenly. The Table Table restaurant the waitress and serving staff were excellent and served us as quickly as possible even though it was very busy. We had a lovely comfortable table for two, just next to a fire, so we were warm as toast. It made our wedding anniversary extra special; I had not thought it would be possible to go out with my beloved, because he had felt so unwell. It was half term, so I was not at the Acorn Centre that week.
On Saturday I had the treat of a luxury pedicure and manicure; it was a special offer at Skin Sanctuary for February to have a free manicure. It was really lovely to be pampered and I nearly dozed off. I was very sleepy and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and evening with my beloved watching ‘The voice’ and ‘Casualty’. The former program had moments that my beloved had shouted at the judges for choices made, but we did agree with most of the choices. We have been most impressed by Boy George’s choices and comments. We particularly enjoyed the episode of Casualty as it does deal with real medical issues and with believable staff relationships.

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2 Responses to Being there for Family and Friends

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I’m glad you like Casualty! I can’t bear it. I had to watch it when the grandchildren were here – and goodness – the personal relationships – having their troubles even when working in the department – did I see a couple actually hitting each other while at work together?! It wasn’t like that when I worked in Casualty at Wolverhampton Royal Hospital way back in 1964.

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am sure it was very different when you worked in the hospital, but we do enjoy Casualty despite the troubled personal relationships, as the doctors often save lives and there are often situations of those whose benefits have been cut and cannot eat or feed their family properly. It often brings in present day situations. I just hope we don’t lose our wonderful NHS free at point of need.

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