Fair-trade Coffee Day before Fair-trade Fortnight

On Thursday 25th I did my main shopping and then met Brian for a time of prayer for our churches, families and the world. It is always good to pray together. In the evening we had our Church Council meeting which fortunately did not finish too late. On Friday I was back at the Acorn Centre helping students with the computer. It was good to see my friends again.

On Saturday it was our annual Fair-trade coffee day at St. Peter’s Church. I was helping in the morning so I arrived not long after 9.30 with the cakes, millionaire shortbread and ginger biscuits I had made. Liz the main organiser of the coffee day had already arrived and we began to bring our bags through and set up for the day. Fortunately Steve, a local councillor and the chairman of local Fair-trade group had also arrived and was able with Andrew our MP’s help to set out the tables and then take money, when the clientele arrived. Andrew then with Rosy judged the entries of Fair-trade breakfast designs on paper plates and presented the prizes. I helped to put out cakes and scones and learnt how to prepare the pots of filter coffee, make sure teabags are ready. We needed to replenish our decaffeinated coffee and buy some chocolate when we realised the number of people who enjoyed hot chocolate. Next year we must have some jam as a lot of people asked for jam. The toasted teacakes were also popular. Some of our team had made soup, carrot and ginger, broccoli and stilton, which had soon been consumed, vegetable and carrot and coriander soup. The soup was welcome as it was a cold day and people were only too glad to come in for lunch. I was on the go until after 1pm when the afternoon shift began! I must admit I was glad to get back home with my beloved and put my feet up. We then relaxed and watched ‘The Voice’ and ‘Casualty’ together. Apparently we made £400 to help us in our promotion of Fair-trade. It was a great day for promoting Fair-trade.

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