A Busy Week

On Monday February 29th I went with Rosie and Beryl to do another Fair-trade school day. This time we were at Killinghall Primary School with a year 3 and 4 class to do our activities after they had had lunch. It was a busy time but the children seemed to enjoy the activities. I took my group outside to the playground for the football activity and then brought the puzzle pieces inside for the two groups to assemble. It was a cold crisp sunny day. We had a shorter time for the activities, so we did not get as much done.

On Tuesday afternoon Rosie, Erica and I met at the Church of England Richard Taylor Primary school at about 1.10. This time Rosie led another Fair-trade Assembly with the whole of the school not just the Key stage 2 or junior children. Following the assembly we went to do our activities in a mixed 3 and 4 year class, with the able assistance of a student teacher, who kept appearing with a camera getting snapshots of each group, a supply teacher and a classroom assistant. The children were very engaged in the activities again. That time I did my group in the cloakroom so they could do the football game. It was a very good afternoon.

On Wednesday morning I was horrified to see the heavy snowstorm that greeted us when we got up. It would not have mattered if my beloved was not due at the hospital eye clinic at 10am. We set off over half an hour before the appointment and we began a nightmare journey slip sliding through the settling snow, as cars skidded in front of us. We made slow steady progress along main roads finally reaching the hospital at 9.55am! There was a very slow moving if not stationary queue to the hospital car park, so I suggested my beloved got out so he could get to his appointment on time. Gradually the traffic moved so I could get into the car park. I chose to park under the sheltered part, as I dreaded getting stuck in the car park with the snow. I then went to find my beloved. He had found the journey very stressful and exhausting so I was concerned to see how he was. It took me a while to find him in the room where he was having his vision fields tested. He had found the journey exhausting and could only manage to have one eye tested and could cope with no more. He finds appointments difficult at the best of times and the difficulties of the journey to the hospital added to his stress and also he found it difficult because he had to get up earlier. Normally he has to rest in bed till at least 11 am to be able to manage the rest of the day. After we got home in one piece I felt exhausted so I rang our minister and gave my apologies for the Lenten study that afternoon. Fortunately the snow did not last long and the roads were clear later.

On Thursday afternoon I had a time of prayer with my prayer partner, Brian and in the evening it was the Local Preacher’s meeting, where we focussed on prayer and shared what we had found particularly helpful. It was an informative evening. Some people brought in prayer books or items reflecting where they found it easiest to pray. Visual stimuli for worship services such as candles were also suggested. Quiet times, prayer partners and even their smart phones or computers had pictures or reminders of prayer needs. It was a good time of sharing. Christine our minister shared a hymn from the Methodist school hymnal about how to pray, written by John Burton. It reminded us of the importance of not just praying words, but praying heartfelt prayers and asking the Lord to teach us how to pray; it is important to pray with sincerity.
I was glad to have a more restful day on Friday after a rather busy week.

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