Work continued on the extension slowly

On Bank Holiday Monday we enjoyed a day free of banging as the builders were not due back till Tuesday.  My beloved had caught my flu-like cold and he deteriorated over the weekend, so he was glad it was a bit quieter whilst we waited for their return.  On Tuesday Stuart explained that Gordon had caught our dreaded flu-like illness and been in bed at the weekend; he was not well enough to work on Tuesday and Chris the young lad was visiting his father, so we had another day of quiet. Toyota collected my car and serviced and MOTed it and I only needed a rear windscreen wiper.  It is wonderful that they collect my car and return it valeted.

On Wednesday Stuart and Chris began to dismantle the kitchen wall, initially helped by Gordon, who had to return home, as he was not well enough to continue.  Chris and Stuart made good progress but could not move much more as we needed to have the gas meter moved, before the rest of the wall was knocked down.  Our builders hammered boards over the French Windows and the small kitchen window to make us secure until Friday when the windows were arriving.

In the afternoon I met Beth and we collected a brochure from Howdens and had a drink and shared a cake at Filmore and Union. The gluten free cakes are delicious.  It was good to have a chat.

On Wednesday evening we had just made a drink in a break in ‘Raised by wolves’ at 10.40 pm and we coming back to watch it, when suddenly it went black, as all the power had gone.  We scrabbled around to find our torches and of course we had no Wi Fi, and no phones.  We had to move slowly as we have an obstacle course with stuff all over the place, whilst we prepare for the kitchen to be done.  Soon we had located more torches and were coping, except that my beloved felt terrified as he did not feel we were very secure as the new door and window was only to be fitted on Friday.  In the end I phoned Ken, my lovely son-in-law, who, bless him, found out that the electricity would be on again in 40 to 45 minutes via the internet.  That helped a lot and in fact we were reconnected by midnight so we could settle to sleep.  Ken was really reassuring. The next day we found an old type of plug in phone in case we have another power cut.

On Thursday the workmen fitted a new box for the gas meter, but could do no more until the meter had been moved on Friday.  I had a time of prayer with Brian my prayer partner.  I found that time empowering.

On Friday morning just after 8am the gas fitters arrived and my builders seemed to be nowhere in sight.  They told me that the box my builders had fitted was not suitable, but assured me that I was not to be concerned as they had a suitable box to fit.  I noticed the window and door frames had arrived that morning.  My builders returned with the glass for the frames already collected earlier.  Soon the new box had been fitted and the old box removed but the gas remained disconnected.  We awaited the gas engineer to check the meter and our appliances before reconnecting us. He then noticed that one heater could not safely be used as it was now within the new extension, so he said he would disconnect it for us.  However at that point he had to go to an emergency gas escape, so we were still without gas.  As it got colder, although the window and French window had been fitted, we had to get our electric heater to warm the back room up.  I eventually rang to see when the engineer was going to return to reconnect us.  After the phone call the engineer was soon back and having disconnected the wall heater he could finally reconnect our gas.  The wall had been knocked down and the way was clear to do insulation and the electrics.  On Monday the electrician and kitchen planner will be coming, so we had another quiet weekend.

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