Work in progress on the extension

On Wednesday April 13th I led worship at Berwick Grange Methodist Home for the Aged (MHA).  We sang, ‘The day of resurrection’ before I led the opening prayers.  I read the description of Peter’s threefold re-instatement by Jesus in John 21.1-19 before we sang, ‘I know that my redeemer lives.’


I then described how the disciples were feeling after Jesus had risen; seven of the disciples had returned to resume their former lives as fishermen, wondering what they should do next.  Peter suggested they go fishing, but after having fished all night they caught nothing.  As dawn broke they were returning to shore when they heard a voice, asking them if they had caught anything.  When they replied that they had caught nothing the voice told them to throw the net over the other side of the boat, which they did and had a net full of fish.  The beloved disciple said, ‘It is the Lord’ and Peter put on his outer garment and jumped into the water dragging the net behind him to the shore.  There they saw a charcoal fire with fish cooking on it and bread prepared by Jesus for their breakfast.  The familiar smell of the charcoal burning would have triggered Peter’s memories of another charcoal fire when he had denied that he knew Jesus.  He would have felt guilty and unworthy to join the breakfast feast and Jesus would have sensed those emotions.  After having eaten breakfast Jesus asked Peter, whether he loved him more than these other disciples and Peter said Lord, you know that I love you and Jesus told him to feed his sheep. A second time Jesus asked Peter if he loved him and Peter said Lord, you know I love you and Jesus told him to feed his lambs. When Jesus asked Peter a third time whether he loved him, Peter felt hurt to be asked a third time and said again you know that I love you.  Jesus told him a third time to feed his sheep.  Peter was now reinstated as the leader or shepherd of the flock.

We sang ‘Thine be the glory’ to conclude worship.  I went round to bless the elderly men and women after the service.  One lady had asked me for a kiss on two occasions during the service and seemed pleased when I obliged.

Cathy came and we had a drink and cake at Cafe Culture.  She came back and we chatted and relaxed with my beloved.  We later had lunch out at Cafe Culture.  My beloved and I had nan bread with spicy chicken breast and Cathy enjoyed a roasted vegetable quiche.  Cathy then went back home as she was still recovering from jet lag; she had just returned from America, where she had been working with the family.  She needed to just lie down.

The work on the extension has continued over the week and on Friday the second layer of concrete was added on a layer of insulation, so it could dry over the weekend.  My beloved has found all the work difficult and wishes that we had not embarked on it.  He will be glad when we get our home back; he feels as though he is living in a building site.  I too will be glad when it is all done!

On Saturday I enjoyed a relaxing massage after a slow start to the day.  I enjoyed a lovely lunch prepared by my beloved.  Beth came over and we had a drink and cake at Café Culture.  It was lovely to have a quiet relaxing and fun weekend with my beloved.

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