Building work continues inside

All week work continued on the extension.  On Wednesday Gordon took the kitchen out, so we are having microwave meals, takeaway meals and we have been out once to Table Table restaurant.  We have discovered some electrical live wires just plastered over, which has probably delayed preparation for the arrival of the kitchen.  The electrician, and Gas man came to sort out both so it now ready for Gordon prepare the walls with plasterboard ready for skim plastering before our kitchen can be installed.  He has begun to separate the shower room from the kitchen area.  The weather has gone colder but fortunately mainly dry since the extra shell of the extension was completed, so we are feeling the cold more.  My beloved is not finding the loss of the kitchen easy and the fact that it is colder does not help him.

It was good to see Cathy on Wednesday and we shared a couple of cakes at Café Culture and enjoyed some drinks.  It was lovely to chat.  She was pleased to see how the work was progressing but understood our difficulties without a kitchen.  We shared a salad lunch together in the front room and watched some television upstairs together.  Martyn our gardener came and managed to mow some of our lawn, not covered with building materials and tidy up the garden and attack the burgeoning weeds.  It was good to see him. We were fortunate that the weather was fine and sunny most of the week, although that does not affect the work going on inside, it makes us feel better.

I keep popping out for shopping as I run out as we have food scattered round the house until we get our kitchen back.  I hope they do not hit too many more problems when fitting the kitchen; originally that was to start on Tuesday but it will probably have to be delayed a day or two, as they had the unexpected electrical problems to contend with and Gordon had to wait for the specialists to arrive so it held up in his work. He is a very good worker and thorough, and discusses each part of the work, and any problems he unveils.

On Friday Beth came round after work and we had a drink and cake in M&S.  She was intrigued to see the progress in the kitchen.

We had a relaxing weekend able to enjoy being in the back room, although it has become less cosy and colder there, whilst we await the fitting of the kitchen.  My beloved has managed to do some jobs in the garden, but is missing being able to cook.  I am getting fit going upstairs to get the kettle filled with water and or wash up!  My beloved will feel better when his home returns to being a home and not a building site and I too am looking forward to that.

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