Work progresses and the kitchen is taking shape

Our builder Gordon began to skim plaster in the kitchen in preparation for the arrival of our new kitchen on Monday. The kitchen was delivered on Tuesday, but there was still the plastering to finish.  Cathy came round to see us and she and I went to Café Culture for a drink and shared a fruit scone.  We returned to have a chat with my beloved, whilst the plastering was finished.  Gordon began to position some of the units at the end of the day.  As we still have no kitchen my beloved, Cathy and I went out for lunch at Café Culture; Cathy had tomato soup; my beloved had a quiche and I had a muffin with bacon cheese and salad, which was delicious.  We enjoyed watching the tribute program for Victoria Wood, who had died so young; she was so talented and it was such a shock to hear of her sudden death from cancer.  The program showed her insight and the huge variety of her output.  We laughed and felt sad again at her loss.

On Wednesday Gordon began to put the floor units in place and plan out the kitchen.  He made holes for wires and stop and isolation taps.  Once he had got the floor units in place and the plumbing cables were set in place and he was preparing the plumbing for the sink unit and pipes for the gas shower.  On Thursday he continued to attach the units and wall units so all was set for the worktops to be added with the joiner’s assistance on Friday.  On Thursday afternoon Brian came and we had a time of prayer, which we both found beneficial.  It is quite stressful having the extension and new kitchen done, especially for my beloved.  He feels that it has been a mistake doing the extension, especially as the weather has become so cold and wintry with sleet, snow and hail, so with the door not yet sealed properly we have icy blasts coming in.  He is concerned that we’ll get hypothermia!!  He does not like living in a building site.  The units are mostly fitted but we need the electrics to be connected so that the oven can be fitted and the kitchen will then be ready for use.

Beth came round after work on Thursday to see the progress and we went out for a drink at M&S and a cake and a chat.  It is always to good to see my elder daughter.

On Friday the unit tops were fitted, so it is really taking shape.  Pipes for the hot and cold water have been fitted under the sink. On Saturday the gas hob has been connected so we can cook on it, but we need to use matches to light it; it is an art to keep it lit!!  At least today has been a bit warmer, so it does not feel as cold in the back room.   My beloved is really struggling with the lack of kitchen and even though he can use the hob to cook, we still have to locate where everything is, so it is not straightforward.  We can get water from the sink but we cannot pour down the sink as the waste pipe has yet to be drilled out.  We managed to wash up in a bowl which we emptied in the garden; not that it is in need of water as the rain persists.  The rendering cannot be finished until the weather improves and remains dry!!

We enjoyed lunch at Cafe Culture on Saturday lunchtime.  We both had a muffin with bacon and cheese for lunch, which we really enjoyed.

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