A busy week

On Monday 9th May Malcolm and I led the Bible study group on Psalm 127 but we only covered the first three questions, as they led to such detailed discussion that we felt it was better to complete the other 7 questions in the next session.  God helps those who help themselves proved a controversial question or was it let go and let God; we realised it would probably be both and but that it was not always possible for people to help themselves, if they lived in poor postcode areas and once poor people had difficulty making ends meet, even if they could get an interview; they certainly did not have surplus income to save, even had they wanted to save! Malcolm became furious when we heard the Revd Prebendary Rose Hudson Wilkin’s comment to a man on the street. Without knowing his background she blamed the young man for not having his own home and not in her words, helping himself; she obviously did not understand the cost of a place of your own, if on low income, especially in London, when it is very difficult to afford any accommodation.  She obviously has no idea about those living on low income in our country especially in the capital.  Malcolm felt more annoyed as he felt she having come from Jamaica should have had more understanding and just listened and given the 50p, as she did not have any more change.

Talking about sleep and not being able to sleep led to a long discussion.  I am fortunate and most of the group found it easy to get a good night’s sleep, but Malcolm just spends most of the night awake. If he did not take painkillers he would not be able to sleep and be in pain; he does get a few hours sleep usually as I wake up but it is not the refreshing sleep he needs.  We also discussed the work life balance and stress; my beloved and I had been under stress with the progress of the extension.  It is not easy just to rest in the midst of our busy lives.  I still feel somewhat guilty if I indulge myself by reading or just stopping, especially when there is so much to do.

On Monday evening I met my friend Hilary and we enjoyed a meal out together.  It was lovely to spend time with my best friend and have a good chat.

On Thursday it was our Guild meeting, so I collected Ruth for the meeting.  Molly who I usually bring was hosting the speaker, a social worker, Mrs Helen Watkinson, was brought by her.  Helen spoke on her life as a social worker.  She had come from a rural background and was discouraged from becoming a social worker!  However she was not put off and went to learn from working with the National Children’s home to get experience.  She then went on to work with the needs of those in care with the National Children’s Home and later with Action for children and their needs in their communities.  It was an enjoyable and interesting talk.  I read about those who are sheep yet do not realise how they have served Jesus, but they have just helped those in need; Matthew 25.34-40.

I went to help at the Acorn Centre as usual but this time we were learning how to use I pads. I too was learning as I have a tablet.  The students enjoyed learning the new skills. The time seemed to go faster.  Our builders completed the extension, much to our great joy, although it would take us some time to find our food and utensils scattered round the house.  We could not rearrange the furniture until we had had the kitchen painted the following week.

On Saturday I was glad to go to a fundraising coffee morning in aid of Myloma research. It was good to see my friends.  I had a massage at midday which I needed as I have been so busy and felt rather stressed.

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2 Responses to A busy week

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I am delighted to hear that your extension is now complete. Fran tells me that it is very good. Also delighted to hear that you and Fran will be at Christine’s party for her 50th, and that you are staying at the same hotel as Janet and Graham, and J and me. What fun!

  2. helenbeech says:

    I must admit it is a relief to have it finished. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the do and at the hotel

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