A celebration with Cathy and work ends

On Monday May 16th which was Cathy’s birthday, Cathy and I had a Spa day at the Hotel Majestic, which was lovely and relaxing.  We had a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by an express pedicure.  We then had a lovely time of relaxation by the pool, before going in the Jacuzzi and after two sessions of it in action we went into the Sauna for as long as we could manage before having a cold shower.  We then relaxed and nearly fell asleep before we went for our afternoon tea with a glass of bubbly and we also had a pot of tea.  It was lovely and we returned to doze again by the pool.  It was just what we both needed.

The painting of the extension was done on Monday and Tuesday and just checked it all, so the extension is finished inside.  Later the path and patio will be done, after our builders have finished other work they have booked.

We had hoped to be able to travel to Worthing to help Dave, Malcolm’s brother and his wife Jan celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, but Malcolm just could not manage the journey.  Instead Beth went taking our gifts and cards.  She enjoyed her visit and stay, although it was a long journey each way.  Malcolm felt that he had let his brother down but he had not been well for some time and such a long journey would have been more than he could manage. Dave and Jan bought a new garden seat with our gift.  We were glad to hear that the celebration went well and we know they had a lovely family gathering.  Beth felt shattered after the journey home, as it is such a long way to Worthing, but she really enjoyed her time down there; she hopes to go back and stay longer with Dave and Jan at a future date.

My beloved and I rested over the weekend, sorting some things into the kitchen, but mostly recovering from all the work of the extension.

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