A week full of activities

On May 24th I helped Rosemary with the Tuesday morning coffee morning at Wesley Chapel. I am always impressed by the way Rosemary knows her customers so well; she prepares the drinks they usually have.  She knows them well and often, in quieter moments goes to chat to people.  I also enjoy moments of chatting to people.  I have to admit I find it more stressful providing drinks and refreshments than just talking with people or even preaching!

On Tuesday evening we had the Labour Party meeting.  It is always good to meet with my colleagues and see what I can do to help now the work on the extension is finished.  However we are still busy trying to locate items scattered round the home to find new homes for them or even see if we need to keep them or recycle them to charity shops or free cycle them; that will take time and energy so I am trying to pace myself.

On Wednesday morning our new green carpet arrived for our back room, so it all looks much better.  We still have a cupboard door to readjust so we can open the cupboard and the door to the shower room to be changed to open outwards to give greater space.

On Thursday afternoon I took the bus to Leeds to St James Hospital to join Beth when she was presented with her certificate of qualification as an administrator in the hospital, at present based in Urology.  I am so proud of her, as she had to complete her qualification alongside working full time.  The ceremony took a long time as the presenter wanted photos with each candidate in a number of different fields and then group photos.  I tried to use Beth’s phone to take photos of her and ended up with multiple attempts much to Beth’s amusement!  We decided not to stay for refreshments and instead caught the bus back, much to my beloved’s relief as I had been gone much longer than he had expected and he had not been able to find items for our evening meal in our new kitchen.  I still have to think where things are; I suppose it will become second nature soon for us.

On Friday I was again at the Acorn Centre helping students gain confidence on the computer.  It was a very busy week so I was glad to relax with my beloved on Saturday, especially as I was leading worship at our chapel on Sunday.

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