A quieter week and Cathy’s travels continues

I was glad to have a quieter week as I could relax at home with my beloved; something I much appreciate watching films and DVDs with my beloved. I only had a meeting with the Fair-trade Group on Thursday 16th June, which was very interesting, as Erica brought us slides about Fair-trade ventures in Sri Lanka. She had had a rewarding time. One firm gave every person some role, even if one woman could only sit and another was only skilled enough to move an item across a room. It gave each person some value. I was amazed to realise that only about 5% of tea leaves picked were actually used to make tea! It is hard back breaking work. It was good that they were properly paid and the fair-trade premium could be used for the community for schooling or something else needed. The farmers had to understand that the premium was not to make them rich but to improve the community, so they needed to work together to decide how it would be spent.

Cathy and Ken continued their travels leaving for Toronto on Monday 13th June. They found the experience wonderful. They also crossed the border to America to visit friends of Ken in Detroit, even coping with getting lost. They returned to Toronto after a couple of nights and then crossed the border to Niagara Falls; amazing photos they took helped us share their experience. Finally they returned home, Cathy to Geneva and back to work and Ken back to Harrogate and work. Cathy rang us following her trip and it was great to chat about her holiday and I look forward to seeing her on her return in July.

On Friday I spent time helping at the Acorn Centre as usual with the computer and Beth popped in to see me after work. We enjoyed a hot chocolate and cake each at M&S, whilst we had a good chat.
It was good to have a more relaxing week.

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2 Responses to A quieter week and Cathy’s travels continues

  1. selwyngoodacre says:

    I don’t understand about the 5% of tea leaves! what happens to the other 95% !?

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am not sure what happens to the other tea leaves; I suppose that they must be discarded, but I too was shocked that so few tea leaves were suitable to be selected for the tea production.

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