A week of downs and ups especially with Piper

On Monday June 20th we met for our Bible Study. It was the first meeting we held properly in our new extension and it was lovely to meet there. We had a smaller group as a number of our members were on holiday and one gentleman had not been well on Sunday. We discussed having children and whether it was responsible to have a lot of children and whether it was a right to have children. We all shared our responses. We wondered if churches were places single people could feel affirmed when families seemed to have more clout. We decided on our next choice of a basis for our Bible Study. Ken’s friend Nick texted us to say he would be able to come during this week to change the door to the shower to open out instead of in. Cathy and Ken would be flying from Toronto back to Switzerland and England respectively after their exciting travels through America and Canada on Monday.

Nick came and did an excellent job on the door of the shower room on Thursday morning. On Thursday 23rd I made sure I voted to remain in the referendum, but unfortunately more people in our country voted for Brexit. I just am glad that Harrogate voted narrowly to remain and that York and Leeds also voted to remain. I just have to accept the vote even though I am disappointed not so much for myself but for my daughters and young people’s future opportunities. I feel like pretending I am not English as I feel ashamed of being English when they are racist and tell all our wonderful EU workers and those from outside the EU, which keep our country going, work in care homes, supermarkets and in our NHS. I am so grateful to all those people who have worked and work in our country.

On Thursday evening we had an extra Church Council Meeting to discuss the use of a legacy and to ask for general suggestions for our church. It was an interesting meeting as it was not a business meeting and we found it great to have time to have proper discussions.
On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre and it was good to help students.

Late on Saturday morning a bundle of energy called Piper came to visit us for the first time for a visit. Piper, a rescue dog, a beagle cross with a red fox Labrador enjoyed exploring the garden and seemed to be settled so Jeanne from Miss Mollies Dog Rescue Centre in Harrogate. Jeanne suggested we keep him for the afternoon and maybe for the weekend. Beth had also come to meet the rescue dog, as was just as smitten as my beloved and I were. Unfortunately Jeanne brought the dog later than we had expected and I had a massage booked at 12pm! Beth, bless her offered to drop me in town for the appointment. Meanwhile Piper saw everyone going except my beloved and he felt abandoned. My beloved wondered what we had done in agreeing to have this whimpering dog, who tried to make a bid for escape!! We had no food or anything for a dog, so Beth said she would get some things and return to help my beloved, who was much relieved when she arrived and took Piper for a walk round the block. She had bought some treats and dog food for us. I felt bad and was quite tense at first when I had the massage, as I was worried about the new dog. In the end I enjoyed the relaxing massage with Silvie at Skin Sanctuary. I returned home as quickly as I could to get to Piper, who began to relax when he was no longer abandoned by most people!!

It was good to spend time relaxing with my beloved this week and weekend, especially with our loving people focussed dog, Piper. We are trying to see what could be positive about the result of the referendum vote, which we don’t find easy, but having Piper has certainly helped. It was certainly a week of ups and downs.

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